We are in a time of phenomenal change on our Earth – an amazing time, that offers to us tremendous opportunities to move ourselves into a new focus: one based on the Love and Honouring of others; Compassion for those in need; the Celebration of the Unique Gift that we each are, walking on the Earth in these times; and most of all, to Know ourselves as Spiritual Beings.

We who are incarnate on Earth now are on the brink of immense transition; such that many positive Galactic Races and Higher Beings from the Angelic and Guidance Realms are watching and Guiding our progress. They have come at peak times over the many centuries to teach various Human civilisations to live in greater Love, Peace, in Harmony with Mother Earth, and in connection with the Divine Source/Creator; and they are eager to see our Earth transformed, freed of the domination of those who came to exploit and control.

It is not the Truth of the Human process to live in fear and separation. We need to now step fully into our Love; no longer compliant with the agendas of those without regard for the Human Spirit, or for the Earth. It is time to return Humanity into a state of greater balance of more Loving ways of Being.

It is most of all, a Shifting of Consciousness that is now taking place, as individually and collectively, Humanity moves away from fear and scarcity, towards Love and Abundance for all. The positive Galactic races live in Love, adhering to the Principle of Divine Free Will: that Humanity chooses for itself, paths more in alignment with Loving ways of Being for all life on this planet, and for Mother Earth as well.

As we now continue to move deeper within this transitional process, inflowing frequencies of Love (Photon Energy) are Shifting old ways of Being, bringing changes that may affect us profoundly…for us to realise, that as Spirits wearing a Human body, our ways of Being, shaped by our habitual thought patterns, do form our reality, both individually and as a collective consciousness. Indeed, as our collective thoughts meld together along certain paths, the power that is Created in that process, literally forms and continues the reality enfolded within those paths.

We have prepared for this transition, individually and collectively, for thousands of years, from Imhotep to Buddha to Master Jesus to now…we are finally at the time when we now must move into our positive destiny.

I have just begun (January 2017) to offer Messages and Events with the newly formed Council of Transition, which comprises many of the Beings I have worked with publicly over the past thirteen years, as a Channel and Workshop Facilitator.

I am so Honoured to be a member of this Council, which includes Mufa, the Chancellor of Lemuria, my main public Guiding Focus in recent times; Archangel Machael/Michael, whom I Love dearly; a new presence in Eli-Ahn, Elven Goddess and a Guardian of Developing Societies; Master Guide Kirael, a personal Guide to me over the years since my Awakening in 2002 – also a Guardian of Developing Societies, he has his own unique Medium, yet, will be offering his Guidance into the Council as a non-channelled member. The profoundly Loving Dolphin Light is a new addition, replacing Archangel Gabriel; and, the 7th member of the Council was the presence of Sadiyaa of the Christ Consciousness for the first two weeks of the Council’s existence, then replaced by the Master Jesus.

In that Light, I have an email list to bring news of what I am creating re Events etc – please write to me at takelim@gmail.com to be added to it, Thank You. Or you can visit my Facebook page, or the The Council of Transition page :)

I Welcome you: I Honour you: journey well, in immense Love for yourself and for others, in the Heart Light of deep Peace and Harmony within…bringing you more Joy and Happiness than you could imagine yourself receiving in this moment…

And so it is.