Radiant Heart Light of Love

We are in a time of unprecedented change on our Earth – a time that offers to us the tremendous opportunity to recognise Truths that have been set aside in our quest to experience fully in a third dimensional reality focus, for the learnings that it brings to us.

As we move deeper within this transitional process we are experiencing now, Love has us shifting old ways of Being, bringing changes that may affect us profoundly…for us to realise, that we are Spirits wearing a Human body, that our ways of Being, guided by our habitual thought patterns, do shape our reality, both individually and as a collective consciousness.

Our Earth needs us to step fully into our Love, no longer compliant with the agendas of those without regard for the Human Spirit or the Earth. A time of change demands of those who have seen a different path to share of their knowing, their insights to those who would receive…to put into the mass consciousness, the awareness of how it is to live in ways that Honours the Truth within us, that comes from Love.

We are preparing for this transition, individually and collectively: it is what we have been doing for a very long time – thousands of years, from Imhotep to Buddha to Master Jesus to now…we are finally at the time when we now must move into our destiny as Humanity…to live lives filled with Love and Peace, of Reverence and deep understanding of our connection to Mother Earth, and to all that is of Creator’s Love expressed into form, and to those beyond the veil, who so Lovingly Guide and serve us constantly.

What we each do every day now, is so important:  when we choose to take a deep breath filled with golden Light particles (see Wisdom), bringing a conscious focus of Love to ourselves and those in our vicinity, we cause a little ripple in the fabric of mass consciousness.  Each time we choose to come from Love, letting all the fear-based energy be set aside for the moment, we are causing an even bigger ripple out into the greater whole; and as we keep on doing this, walking our paths with as much Love as we can bring to them each day, we are causing a foundation of transformation to become a tangible vibration of change for all to receive the benefit of.

And when we choose to Honour ourselves as the Cosmic Being of multi-dimensional awareness that we truly are, through the use of Prayer and Meditation, active co-creation with our Spirit/Higher Self and connecting into our Creator’s Love, we truly become the expression of Creator Light experiencing Itself in Love in our Human understanding, opening into our Divinity.

I have an email list to bring news of what I am doing with the Cosmos of the Heart internet radio show, and at times in other ways…also information from the Guides who work with and through my energies on occasion…for as we connect and share of ourselves, we find ourselves supported in a weave of thought awareness based in Love :)  You can do this by choosing to email me, to receive this information and the various updates I offer to you on my journey as well :)

I am EnJoying Creating now an internet radio broadcast called Cosmos of the Heart – see the linked page, please come and join me there, or on my Facebook page :)

I welcome you: I Honour you: I offer to you the gift of Love from my Heart to yours:  journey well, in immense Love for yourself and for others, in the Heart Light of deep Peace and Harmony within…bringing you more than you could imagine yourself receiving in this moment, of Joy and Happiness…

And so it is.

Takeli MMagdalen