Prana or Golden Breath:
5 Breath Self Healing Meditation

This visualisation and breathing process brings to us maximum Healing, vitality and wellness, as it has us consciously using our focus to bring in the prana/chi/photon/golden Light energy, to bathe every cellular process as well as our other three bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual), in the frequency of Divine Love.

Golden Light is our access to the Love of our Greater Being, to our Divine Self as Creator’s Love, and into the Light of Creation Itself.  These golden particles are literally, pure Love focused energy.

Known as the 5 Breath Healing Meditation, brought to the Earth plane by Master Guide Kirael via his Medium, Kahu Fred Sterling, this Meditation also opens you to Higher Guidance in the Peace that follows its completion.

The number 5 in the Lemurian Numerology reflects the vibration of Love.


It is helpful to begin with a Prayer to set your intentions for what you would like to achieve with the Healing Meditation, before you begin the process.

This form of Meditation uses focused breathing to move energy from Creator in the form of Golden Light Particles, which hold the vibration of Love and Healing. It uses a sharp intense inhale through the nose, a brief pause (called locking the breath), and then an extended slow exhale through the mouth for each breath.

Each breath is taken in through the Crown chakra, focused into the Pineal gland, that sits in the centre of the head below and between the two brains, about level with the bridge of the nose but in the center of the head. From there it is focused into one of the 5 positions by sending it up from the Heart to the shoulders and down the arms into the palms/fingers of the hands, depending on the position.

There are 5 breaths given in each of the 5 positions of the hands used in this Meditation: hands are used rather than visualisation alone of the energy’s destination, as it is the Guidance of Master Guide Kirael that energy given through the hands is more beneficial than just imaging it somewhere; and, that in this Meditation, energy will flow out through your palms as you do it – if you don’t have your hands on your own body, the energy will flow out to wherever your Angels send it to benefit someone else :)

The right hand is to be placed directly onto the body, with the left hand over the top of it, other than in the second position for the eyes.

On completion of the 5×5 breaths, you can then do another 5 breaths into any place in the body that needs additional Healing, following the same procedure, for each additional location.

The 25 breaths of the 5 Breath Meditation takes about 7-8 minutes to complete on average; you can then repeat the cycle another round or two if you wish; followed by about 15-30 minutes of silent meditative Listening, to what you may perceive in the form of Guidance, or to your cellular consciousness; or simply to hold to a relaxed state for a time.

The Pineal Gland holds the Divine Blueprint or Signature Cell: the first cell to form when the egg and sperm come together to form the very first cell, receives the imprint of your energy, your Divine Blueprint in that instant, which then guides the development of the embryo into your Human form, and holds the plan for your life in this lifetime.

You may perceive the inflowing of the Golden Light Particles from the Crown into the Pineal turning into White Light as it exits the Pineal and flows down into the physical heart.

As the Pineal is the direct connection to your Spiritual body, you are invoking its attentive energy as you focus the Loving particles of Golden Light there. You are also activating the mental body through the visualisation process, and the emotional body by sending the golden Light particles transformed into white Light from the Pineal into the Heart – thus it activates and energises all four bodies as part of the Healing process.

It takes far longer to describe it, than to do it…and it flows more easily with practice :)

First 5 Breaths:

Close your eyes, and begin by placing your right hand over your crown chakra, left one on top of it, and imagine a mist of Golden Light particles, taking form above your crown chakra – zillions of tiniest shimmering Light particles, brilliant gold in colour…let them gather there in greater numbers, to create a dense cloud of them above your head.

As you breathe in sharply and deeply through the nose, allow the golden light particles to flow into your crown chakra, moving into the pineal gland in the center of the head, lighting it up with this golden Light, before continuing the inbreath down into the physical Heart with the now transformed white Light.

Hold the full breath into the Heart for a couple of seconds to lock in the energy into the Heart; then begin to very slowly breathe out through the mouth, as you send the energy from the Heart to your shoulders and down your arms into your palms and into the brain. Fill the whole head with Light as you continue to breath in this directed way for a total of 5 breaths.

Holding the breath in the Heart for a brief period is an invitation to connect with your Spirit Self, which also activates the cellular consciousness in the process.

Second 5 Breaths:

Move your hands towards your eyes, and extend the first and second fingers to gently touch each eye ball over closed eyelids with the two fingers of that hand close together (making a Trinity with the two fingertips and the closed eye). Again breathing in sharply through the crown into the Pineal and down into the Heart, a pause to lock it in, then with a very long slow outbreath, flow the Light up into the shoulders, arms and fingertips, sending it into the eyeballs, then to the back of the head at the base of the skull, connecting to the Vagus nerve and flowing the Light down this nerve to where it branches at the level of the shoulder blades on each side, forming what looks like Angel Wings in front of your shoulder blades. The Vagus nerve has many branches, reaching from the base of the skull down into each internal organ of the body.

Repeat for a total of 5 breaths.

Third 5 Breaths:

Place your hands onto your physical Heart, slightly left of centre in the chest, right hand down with your thumb pointing up towards the throat to activate the Thymus, left hand over it. Bring the inbreath from the crown to the Heart via the Pineal, and pause, as before; then with the outbreath, take the energy up to the shoulders and down the arms, into the hands and into the Heart. Fill the area of the Heart and around the Heart including the Thymus with Light, as you continue for 5 breaths total.

Fourth 5 Breaths:

Place your hands on your upper stomach or 3rd chakra, and breath in and pause briefly as before; now flow the energy of the outbreath from the hands into all of the internal organs, filling them with Light – either individually or as a collective focus, for 5 complete breaths.

Fifth 5 Breaths:

Place your hands over your lower tummy or on your pubic bone if you are in a private space, and this time with the outbreath send the Light from your hands into all the sexual organs, and into the elimination systems of the body, filling them with Light.

Done! Now you can repeat this entire process, or send additional Light to where it is needed, or Meditate in the balance now Created in your 4 body system.

Once you have the process sorted in your mind, it is recommended to do more than one round of the 5 Breaths Meditation process – to do 2-3 rounds in the morning, to focus your physical and mental bodies for the day’s journey, and also at night to focus your emotional and Spiritual bodies in preparation for the night’s journeys in your sleepstate time.

Connecting With the Higher Self/Greater Beingness

There is a need to BE in Love, before we can bring what we desire into our world.   We are often so focused on the material plane, we forget just how much we are Spirit, and that our physical expression is just a small part of the Greater Being/Higher Self presence that we truly ARE.

When we are in alignment with the Higher Self, by choosing to connect with this part of us via the process described below, all four bodies come into focus as a balanced energy pattern: it is from there, that we can create, in acceptance and total Trust in the Love of our Higher Self’s presence as part of our journey of Love, ever expanding, unfurling, in new and beautiful ways.

Take the following steps to connect deeply with your Higher Self – you will need to be sitting very comfortably, with your head supported against a cushion, or lying down, to do this :)

Begin by offering your Love to your Higher Self, in the form of a Prayer if you choose – you may need to let go of some emotions in order to feel this connection with you – it can be as simple as saying, “Higher Self, I bring to you my Love”.

Breathe Golden Light into your Pineal, focusing on Lighting it up, feeling this Light emanate out from there throughout all of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, feeling your whole self as vibrating Love.

Let your heart fill with the Gratitude and Celebration of life that will be present to you in that moment, and allow, your Higher Self to be very much a part of you: in this blending process, you are literally allowing yourself to merge consciousness with your Higher Self presence.

Listen…listen…listen – with your heart, letting all concerns of the mind be surrendered into the Love of your Higher Self, as they arise in your thought process.

When I do this process, it takes me into such a state of Love, that whatever concerns I may have fall away, in the knowing, that they are taken care of…that I am deeply and profoundly Loved, and we are on the path of change and transformation together, as one Light, one Heart… I find that my Prayer, to be guided to the steps I need to take, to heal whatever is of concern to me, or to have something come into my journey that I desire to create, is answered, if not immediately, then before too much time has passed :)

In Love and total acceptance, I AM…