Private Sessions:

…thanks for the healing session last week.  I felt something move in my thigh as you said there was going to be something happening there – and I think that abdominal lump is shrinking… Regards, Cecelia, USA

Dearest Takeli and Chancellor Mufa,

Thank you !!!!

Words can’t express my gratitude and love for you both.

Thank you for your guidance. Always perfectly timed and ever comforting, as if Mother Gaia herself were holding me in a deep embrace, which I frequently know she is.

Your re-assurance of what is happening always relaxes me very deeply, keeping me grounded and focussed on what I am doing. And always it arrives at a time when I am getting caught up or a bit lost. Thank you. Jen, Sydney

I cannot express in words the beauty and truth of this message and how it filled my heart with soul-filled joy and grateful appreciation of who we are, why we are here and all we are here to do.  We are the ones we have been waiting for and I AM ready, willing and able to fulfill whatever purpose necessary as another server of the divine plan.

As I honor the divine in you as the same in me, I send blessings of everlasting light as we all walk hand-in-hand along this narrow path towards our new way of living in LOVE… Cindy, USA

…you have no idea how profound some of the enlightened  messages have been for me. They are applicable to what is going on in  my life at the time, and help my understanding.

God bless you.  Love from Kerry C, Sydney

I’ll never forget how drained and overwhelmed I felt that one night. And without hesitation You ask if I would like to sit down, and offered me a healing. :)  WOW! I melted in the Love that You gifted me with and how it resurfaced the Love within me….

Thank You.  Josh, Hawaii

I just wanted to let you know what has happened since our appointment.

After the appointment I slept for most of the weekend and every spare moment during the next week.   My day surgery in the hospital was delayed until 22 September and I received the results of the biopsy yesterday and all of the abnormal cells have been removed and there is no further problem.  I just have to have a follow up in 6 months time.

Sadiyaa had said I had a small contained group of abnormal cells, just a possibility.  That is what the biopsy found. Sadiyaa also said that I had to choose to live or die and would be given the option of an easy peaceful death if I chose to die.  After the biopsy, under general anaesthetic, they had packed me internally with gauze.   After a few hours it was time to remove the gauze in preparation for me going home.  Once it was removed I started hemorrhaging quite badly and had to go back to surgery.  As I lay there pouring blood I thought this is it, this is the choice point Sadiyaa said I would be offered.  And then I made an active choice to live and here I am.

It has been an interesting, intense and life changing few weeks.

I am telling my boss this week that I will be leaving my work.  I feel very peaceful about the decision.  I do not know what I am going to do, nor how I will manage financially.  I am just going to take Sadiyaa’s word that all will be well including financially and see what happens.  At the moment I feel that I need at least a few months to just get back to the basics of being me and to allow what will to emerge.  I feel very excited by the possibilities…

Thank you for the healing session and the extended time that you spent with me.  I very much appreciate all that you and it have offered to me. Christine, Sydney

A lot of pieces of the jigsaw have really come together since I met you. Thank you Tikele.  Eimer, Sydney

Thank you Tikele, This morning as I awoke I saw your hand above and to the side of me, blessing and healing me. Much love, Sophie , Sydney

Tikele’s unique gift…using Signature Cell Healing, combined with her love of spirit..creating a truly loving nurturing space…a truly profound experience…My personal session I had with Tikele gave me courage to go beyond my boundaries restrictions. limitations (I had put on myself )… gave me the POWER to strip away MY HURTS – MY FEARS – so I can NOW move on… I thankyou…for the FREEDOM that IS. Rhonda, Queensland

I just wanted to let you know that you fixed the problem I have had with my foot for the last 18 months. Thanks a million – it’s so nice to walk normally, Love, Svetlana, Sydney

I went to see Tikele after 2 of my friends raved about her wondrous healings. They were right. It was truly amazing and thoroughly effective.

I went to see Tikele because I felt stuck, like something was stopping me from moving forward, yet I couldn’t identify exactly what it was – was it a belief, an attitude, a past experience, lack of motivation or direction? I didn’t know.

The great thing about Tikele, is that I didn’t need to know. Her channelling and healing abilities could still sort it all out for me, leaving me feeling so much freer, lighter, more energetic and peaceful overall. Life feels so much easier for me now. Things don’t bother me as much anymore and I’ve even effortlessly lost 4kgs in 2 months, without change of diet or exercise. I believe this was because she was able to help free me from certain limiting beliefs/ fears and connect me in more fully with love and support.

I felt an immediate wonderful transformation after the first session, yet also felt it would continue to be beneficial to see her every 2-3 weeks for a lil’ while. I’ve seen her 4 times so far and I feel better and better, lighter and more carefree and my relationships with my friends and family have deepened and become more loving and genuine.

I feel I’m so lucky to have found her. She is truly a magnificent healer and worth EVERY penny. I now recommend her to many of my clients and friends and they too have sung her praises highly.

Another thing that struck me when I first met Tikele was how calm, loving, wise and centred she felt to me. I immediately felt completely at ease and confident that I was in the right hands. That’s the type of healer you want to go to, as she really helps you let go and absorb all the wondrous healing energy you need.

I feel so lucky for having Tikele as part of my life. Perhaps you will too. Lisa Nash

The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, from those attending the Journey With Spirit workshop 10 month series (2007):

The 10 Principles have changed the way I live, offering healing, releasing, knowing, clarity and wisdom – a new paradigm for life – so profound and all encompassing. Working with Tikele, Master Guide Kirael and the 10 Principles has shifted my beliefs about life and changed the way I live each day. I’ve released so many self imposed limitations. I am loved and loving, I am willing to open my heart because I know I am safe, I AM full of gratitude… in fact, the 10 Principles are the fabric of my daily life now.

Tikele, finally after 10 months we’ve finished our 10 Principles workshops. It’s an end and of course a new beginning. Each one of us has grown and transformed – and will continue to do so. I’ve a sense of joy, freedom and authentic purpose for the 1st time in my life. None of this was possible without your personal courage, generosity, commitment and willingness to constantly stand on the edge. I’m immeasurably grateful to you. I honour YOU & all the Beings who worked with you and us. Thank you. Kerry

Studying the Ten Principles with Tikele has been a fantastic experience. It’s wonderful how the universe offers the tools to assist you through your life experiences, and that is what the Ten Principles are for me. My work with Tikele and the Principles have helped me deal with personal challenges, moving house, letting go of old and unwanted problems and situations, embracing new and wonderful opportunities and creating the life I wish to lead. Tikele is both a friend and a wonderful guide, and because she comes from a place of pure love and joy her work and her channelling is simply extraordinary. How wonderful! Jane

I made a commitment to attend Tikele’s presentation of The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating at the beginning of this year. And I find I am looking forward to the workshops each month, and would not ever want to miss one. The workshops and the tapes of Master Guide Kireal have become the focus of my spiritual life. I feel I have grown and matured each month, and sometimes I have struggled – but it has been the most amazing experience.

Possibly the best thing about the workshops is getting to know all the other beautiful lightworkers and earth angels. Our group has formed a sacred circle of trust and support, so that we know anything we share within the group is held in love and honour. I’m sure at the end of the course we will all be able to reach out and create on our own, knowing we have the support and love of all those within our spiritual family.

I believe Tikele is a spiritual channel and teacher equal to any I have encountered here in Australia, and her integrity and clarity makes me feel blessed to have her so near. I know in my heart that she will be shortly reaching out to a much wider audience here and overseas, and I wish her great Joy. With my love and gratutude. Chris Lamb

Tikele has a unique gift combined with her LOVE and commitment to spirit. Supporting my quest for a deeper, more satisfying meaning to my life…I found working with the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating with Tikele, the love and support of a group…a re-awakening a deeper understanding of my life’s purpose and how I can create it all..slowly revealed itself to me..something I can use all my life…
I recently found myself in an impossible situation (I felt)…Working with the Ten Principles with Tikele and in a safe group environment…LOVE nurturing comfort space. lovingly supported without judgement, as I work thru my problems…allowed the fulness of my life to unfold with less struggle…and changing ..FEAR INTO LOVE.. Rhonda, Brisbane.


Re The Elven Realm Unveiled Workshop:

The teaching and healing that you are bringing to others through your gentle presence and love is a rare gift indeed. I honour the level of light that you work with and the integrity with which you bring this light forth. It is a blessing to know and behold. Peter, Adelaide

Tikele’s blessedness is a gift to all who encounter her. Jilly, Sydney

Just a simple Thank You TIKELE!!! ;0))) I so completely connected with this message. The tears of joy rolling down my face and the absolute gratitude from the whole of my heart couldn’t be explained with any words i know…In infinite LOVE I AM; and to you my purest feelings of gratefullness. In Love & Light, Thank You! Carole, California

Thank you so much for this message. It reminded me of a few things that I had forgotten amongst my day to day living – directions and focuses which are important to me – some times it’s so easy to get caught up in what’s happening around you that you almost miss actually what’s going on! Cindy, Melbourne

Tikele has the most profound talent for communicating with Master entities from the other side of the veil. These energies are the forerunners in the Shift that humanity is experiencing at an ever increasing rate at this present time. The healing energy of her messages both personally and to Humanity as a whole radiate wisdom and love. We have been given a great gift by being able to connect with them through Tikele and thus have direct answers to the many queries we all have at this momentous time in our Earth’s history. After connecting with Tikele and experiencing these messages via her you will feel more empowered and with greater direction regarding your life’s purpose, and you will gain greater peace within yourself as an indirect result. Ariane, Sydney

I found Tikele’s Transformational Light Healing Workshop to be a wonderful and beautiful experience. The first day was full of beautiful meditations and chanelled information and I had a strong sense of the beautiful presence of Sananda and the other beautiful Archangels and Beings of Light present with us By the next day I felt that there had been quite a shift in my energy. The second day was a hands-on day where we learned the healing techniques from Tikele. I found all these techniques very wonderful and feel like I’ve found a very beautiful and powerful form of healing which I want to use in my healing work. I found Tikele to be a wonderful teacher and feel inspired to put into practice what I have learned.I would highly recommend this course to others. Kerry Bradford, Sydney

I have been blessed to know Tikele as a friend and to have shared some wonderful memories together. I trust her abilities to support, reconnect and encourage the Divinity withIn. When you choose to share in her wisdom be ready for healing in all aspects of your life. Azyh/Bernice Ellis, Sydney.