Soul’s Light

Hands outstretched to welcome
Eyes smiling with Love
Feeling the Joy
He feels in my presence:
We are One
in this moment.

I am not alone
in my Love for Him:
He is the one
who came in Love,
leaving us gifts beyond compare.

The journey of Light
knowing itself as Light,
that is Love,
He came to teach
and to heal us.

Now, we have begun to walk
this pathway of Love,
of Light, of Laughter
into the fullness of Joyfilled Presence
He embodies for us still.

From deep inside,
We Know Love – this Love,
totally Unconditional;
Ever-present and Eternal…

We are this Love,
by whatever name or symbol
we may Honour it by…
We are the One:
ever connected,
Soul Light to Soul Light.

Soul without gender,
creed or colour,
race or nation:
God-IS = Goddess:
Essence of Love.




A moment of Joy
Shimmers in perfection
so exquisitely perfect:
in 3D, ephemeral
in other dimensions,
like a moment of Love,
How do I be there too?
You feel it with us
You allow us
to take you there,
at a moment’s notice
Open to it
Feel its luminosity
don’t close the door –
open it wide,
for Love is inside
this portal:
Shifting you into Love now.
That is our quest
For all that is Love
in Human guise
Reuniting, Joyously
Love with Loving Essence
We see not the darkness
You ascribe to the Self
We see your Light
Come see it with us –
journey with us into
the very Heart Light of Love:
yours, ours, ONE
in a Joy-filled dance
of Loving Creation
of moment upon moment.
We perceive no separation
between you and I:
it is a gift of Love
we share between us
As a beam of sunlight
Illuminates a particle of dust,
it becomes a shining speck
of exquisite perfection
– wasn’t it always?
Bring the Light
of golden particles
to Light up your very presence
of Soul’s Beauty
Flow it into the Heart
to illumine there each
and every particle
of the cells,
of the 4 body system:
Become ONE with our Soul
For this is what God Is
This is Love
in Eternal Joyous Heartfelt expression
Dancing with itself
Loving of itself
at its own exquisite
And so it is.


Weave of Love

Image by Ineke with Gratitude

Strands of Light connect each of us:
particle by particle, to ALL particle Lights:
be we in the guise of Human – friend or foe;
be we in the plant world,
great tree or smallest plantlet;
be we in the world of the animals,
the birds, the reptiles, the insect weave;
or of the Water world
– the great Cetaceans to the smallest baby fry.

Can we, at this moment of Celebration,
BE ONE with all life, all living things:
For as we Honour the one
known as Jesus, as Jeshua, and more:
can we not also choose to be as He:
one to cause, to BE, to experience,
a world shifting in consciousness?

As we breathe, feel the purity of the air;
as we drink the waters,
or delight in bathing in them,
Choose to experience them as pristine
in our thoughts of them.
As we feel the gift of Light of our sun star,
Celebrate the bounty that it brings us;
Feeling the Love of the realm of the Goddess
in our precious Gaia/Mother Earth:
Appreciating to the fullest,
the abundant plants, the foods we eat,
the presence of Life, as their gifts to us.

Create now, a space of Peace, Love, and Joy
in your own Celebration of Love in everything,
and share it freely with others:
for it is as you take a moment to Appreciate,
to Celebrate, the Beauty:
even in its potential now,
of any aspect of Life, of one another,
that we are the Creator:
Expressing our Love
for each and every particle
of the vast weave of Love that we are:
particle by particle, moment by moment
Shifting our world:

And so it is.



An ancient time and space
Held in the Love of the Great Mother Tree:
Wisdom incomprehensible,
discovered in the Heart Light
See the colours
of this
All-Encompassing, Infinite, Glorious,
A Love, that has no words
A Love, that IS.

Where now, to find her?
In the heart of the purple forest,
Leaves of amethyst brilliant purple
Against the intense acqua blue of the sky:
In the Heart of the Chancellor
In the Heart Light of all, who walk in Love now.

Beneath the waters, yes: yet, still she guides us
Drift yourself, effortlessly, into the Etheric Light:
Back in time,
To your Lemurian roots
When you were the one to BE in her presence:
Truly, in the Love of Creation
For that she is: Divine, Mother, Gaia, All That IS, in form
Incomprehensible, to the Human
But not, to the Spirit Light within.

Seek out her presence
In that great purple forest
Enchanted time and space
Returning now, as we heal
Into Love:
Of Who We, truly ARE.

And so it shall be, evermore, within.

……Takeli  & The Chancellor of Le-Mu-Ri-A

Shining in Harmony

A perfect droplet
Shimmering, suspended in Love:
the Love of Creation:
of Goddess/God Is/of Christ Light

Universal energy
applied in perfection
expressing its own unique essence
Powerful in its simplicity
Ephemeral yet eternal
A Gift of Love

Do I create
In perfection such as this?
When I release of limitation
To Shine in the Love
There, I AM
In utter perfection
in exquisite Harmony
with ALL.

And so it IS .

…………………………… Takeli

Angel of Love

pic:  Michael Marius George

Angel of Love
With hands outstretched,
offering of Love..
Can I receive it?
Is it mine, to receive now?
Or do I give it to another, to have it return to me,
as I would wish for it to be…
These are the questions asked now, of the Human world
of we, in the world of Spirit,
Who seek ever to guide you,
in the Human world,
to bring forth of your specialness,
to Self, to each other.

What you do not recognise, dear Heart Light of Creator’s Love,
is that You ARE…
Already, receiving of Love,
in every moment, in every hour, each passing day
as it appears to you now, and ever has been so.
Who You ARE, is a Being of great Magnificence:
of Love, incarnate, in a body process
that allows for such a level of experience
to be understood, to be given forth
into the collective weave of consciousness,
as to gladden the hearts of All.

In our collective focus, dear Heart Lights of Love,
Ever shall you be revered:
Your name, sung in Light
– so revered, so Honoured, are You.

Choose now, to open those eyes
that see only sorrow, to the Love
that permeates all of expressiveness
in your world now:
For it is a choosing, no doubt about it;
and in that choosing, ever shall there be,
a Rejoicing, that another moment of Love has been received
by You in the Human world; we in the Spirit Light.
For you see, dear Heart Light of Love,
You begin in that moment, to recognise Self
no longer as separated,
from all of existence;
but a Treasured and much Loved part of it all:
woven into it, with a weave so fine
as to appear invisible,
much of the time.

For it takes a very special Love
to choose Earth as your destination:
to choose, to discover Love,
in such a dimension as this,
where polarity and extremes rule
over the Love
that is the great gift of diversity,
of the uniqueness of expression
of Creator’s Love.

It takes a very special Love
by You, in the form of Human
to hold onto,
the knowingness of Love
when all around you appears to be in chaotic circumstances
– I say appears, for it is not ever so:
the order is present,
filled with potentials
ready to unfold in all manner of directions,
as you open your eyes to the infinite possibilities,
and your ears to hear
our soft words of Love to you now.

Bring forth from this seemingly chaotic energy
that, which serves You:
for in that, You serve the Whole;
For you, dear Heart Light of Love
ever remember yourself as Love,
even as you seemingly pretend, not to.

Where is the Truth, of that which I speak?
Let your Heart, ever be your guide
for it knows well, of that which I speak:
the wise one, the child – all are present
within You:
their words of Love, oft hidden in emotions
where most in the Human experience
seeing only this surface
rarely willingly go.

Open your Heart Light of Love
BE expressive of that vital force within you
that beats with the sound of Creator’s Love
And you will discover a world
reflective of Peace within:
Of Love expressed to a stranger,
in the words you speak, the smile you offer to them;
For they, are you also
in another costume
in this great play of Life, of Love,
expressed in the third dimension.

When the great tree falls in the forest
with none to hear it, to see it fall
does it fall?
Indeed it does: for it has knowingly chosen
a path of great Love, of deliverance
into a new way of Being:
a new life begins to awaken, within.

Let the tree fall
Let the tears come
For it brings with it, the gift of Creation
In the LOVE
For you too, are not alone in the forest:
Many hear your call, speak of your Love,
and willingly choose to walk along with you
that you might marvel, with them as one,
at the Beauty of your forest:
theirs, as well:
burgeoning with new life potentials
now, ever unfolding
in Peace, Love and Joyousness
No longer separated
– ONE, with All That Is.

For You ARE
the forest, the tree, the Love that observes and creates:
you planned, and live, it all:
a kaleidoscope of Love, in a body process

Allow, this gift of many colours
That brings tears of such Joy
at the Beauty, the Magnificence of You
to be not only ours,
but yours, as well:
Forever ONE
In Love.

And so it is.



Create from the Heart with Love
Receive into the Heart only Love
In your Joy, you are Free
In your Freedom, you are Joyful

Free of the hurt of the child-self,
of the mother, the father, the husband, the wife
Free to BE ME
Choosing, as I want
Discovering the Self Love, that comes
In the knowing of my own Passion:
The Joy of Creating
With ALL of ME.

Play as the child, with what if..
Imaginary castles, powerful Princes and Princesses, Queens and Kings:
Each of these, I AM
Free to BE ME: as the Creator I AM.