Flowing Towards Love

with The Council of Transition

Sunday 26th March, 2017

1.50 pm for 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm

Mosman, Sydney, Australia

As All now flows towards
the time of Transition,
the Individual is receiving the
Gifts of Change and Transformation.

In your Love,
You have prepared well
for this time.

We, the Council of Transition,
are here to Lovingly remind You,
of the promises You have made for yourself,
to be fulfilled during these times of great Change.

We will define for you,
how you may, in your Love,
assist the processes of your Guides
and the Angelic Ones
who are walking hand in hand with you;
and how to Co-Create with your Higher Self,
now integrating Itself within your Consciousness.

Much will be revealed in this session about the true nature
of the journey You are enfolded within.

Questions will be answered for your continued Clarity
and Soul’s Growth into Greater Love.

The Council of Transition’s members are:
* Chancellor Mufa of Lemuria;
* Eli-Ahn, Elven Goddess of the 7th Light;
* the Archangels, Michael and Gabriel;
* Master Guide Kirael (not channelled verbally), of the 7th Light;
* Master Jesus; and
* Takeli MMagdalen.

We look forward to sharing this
Beautiful Journey with you!

Where: Soul to Soul Healing & Teaching Centre: Suite 4 (entry off Nathan Lane), 6-7 Gurrigal Street, Mosman (Sydney, Australia) – see Directions page

Exchange: $30

RSVP REQUIRED to Reserve Your Place: please email Takeli.

Please join us for a cuppa after if you like :)

And…please share widely with your email lists for those in the Sydney area – greatly appreciated :)


Galactic Codex and You: Your Evolving Role on Earth:

That was a wonderful presentation, so much new info exchanged…mind boggling. Thank you for all your hard work. JM

Thank You Soo much for your Great presentation on the Galactic Codex! You researched the topic so thoroughly and completely. I was left with confidence that ALL IS WELL for our World! You provided heaps of links to many many Sources that are all guiding us to embrace the changes in store for Mother Earth and Each of Us! And your Gentle Guide Chancellor Mufa reassured us that Divine Order and Divine Beings are so willing and ready to assist us at this exciting time of great change! MW.

Journey of Awakening Within

Thanks Takeli for your Sublime Transmission.
Was so nourished – Your Gift is so Beautiful and such a wonderful Soul Elixir for this tumultuous Time. J.

This session was really profound and beautiful, as always! Food for the soul! JM.