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In the Light of Love, we come, to share with you, our knowledge, of these times of potential Ascension and Transformation, of your Human embodiment, into a less dense process of Greater Love.

We are:

* Chancellor Mufa of Lemuria
* Eli-Ahn, Elven Goddess and a Guardian of Developing Societies (G.O.D.S.)
* Archangel Michael
* Archangel Gabriel
* Sadiyaa of the Christ Light (replaced on the Council by the Master Jesus after the first two weeks)
* Master Guide Kirael, also a G.O.D.S (non-verbal presence); and
* Takeli MMagdalen, Elven Goddess.

Transition Times:

Afternoon with Chancellor Mufa

& the Council of Transition

29th January, 2017

Transcript Part 1 (Part 2 follows)

Welcome, Beloved Masters, one and All. I AM Mufa: I am here, to greet you, as the Focus, of the Council of Transition.

We are arraigned here, behind the Medium. And we ask you to Celebrate this moment of the journey; for in your presence, in our Love, there is a Meeting to be made.

In all that we offer, we ask that you take what is in accordance with your belief systems, with that which you would Honour, and indeed, to set side that which no longer serves you.

I, Mufa, would say to you, in all my Love and Light, that this transition, that arises now on the planet, it is no longer a far-off, future thing: it is very much in process now. That which is of the 4th dimension, it is over the top of the 3rd Light, and it is pressing upon it; and each time it strengthens, it presses just a little harder.

Have you understood in yourselves, the Waves of Energy coming forth to you; and now these Waves, they are no longer so much Waves, as they are bringing into focus to the Earth plane, to be in direct correlation, with that which is Mother Earth, at this time.

There will come a time, when this moment comes into a most Beautiful, Transcendent, Glorious process: when all that is not of Love, is moved into one journey, and all that has the potential of being in Love, remains. Those who are not able to exist in a 4th dimensional process, will be taken into the Love of their Creator Source; and that is Truly a Gift to them; for they then have the opportunity to redesign their journey to move themselves higher, that they too, can then journey, in that which is of 4th Light.

There are some that will be taken aboard Crafts, indeed, but they will not be so very many. For in their fear, in the learning of fear, of what is one who would be termed a Galactic: unfortunate, it is, that few will take the rescue that is offered, in that sense.

Yet there is always Love that Guides this entire process, and it is a Love that transcends what you understand in the Human world. It is a Love so benevolent, so Complete, it would not deny anyone, their True desires. Where there is a strength of fear, those desires must await for another opportunity to manifest. That is how it is, even now, on your planet. There is nothing new, in that story; only that there is a certain moment, where that Transition comes to pass.

In your Hearts, you have already made the connections into the Light: you already understand, that of which I am speaking, and what comes forth.

It is a time of deep Transformation: the bodies will be Lightened; the Soul will have Awareness, of all the journeys you have taken, and you will be in your places of choosing, your paths, in that form.

Inbetween times, until that reaches its crescendo, there is much to be done. Look at your lives; and look at the places where there is that strength of 3rd dimension; and as well, where there is the flowing in, of that which is of Love.

Where can it be strengthened, that this alignment is more direct?
How can you Create in ways that uplift and nurture, who You, Truly Are?

These are the questions for this time: indeed, they are.

What I would offer, is to allow Self, the Divine privilege of Connection with your Source: with All That You Are: with those who Guide you; for that is Truly, the place of EmPowerment now.

In earlier times, there were all manner of practices to be done: there were Prayers to be said; there was energy to receive; and much that could be done with new learnings, and so forth.

That time has reached its Completion: it is now, to be very much more, within the Self: in your Heart space, of Divine Love.

How is one to do that in the busyness of the daily journey, with its stresses, and so forth?
That is, what we are asked, most often. And I would say, Breathe: bring in the Light, with your breath, in whatever way comforts, or is of service to you.

Your Breathing is a Beautiful key, into higher vibrational spaces. Bring in the Golden Light Particles of the Photon Energy, particularly into the Pineal, into the Heart: these are the places that energise you, into your Love.

The Heart, the physical Heart, it has its neurons, up into the brain. There is much Communication from the Heart, to the brain; it is not so much, the other way around. For the Heart is the place of meeting, between dimensions. The mind can imagine; it can take you there: but it is the energy of the Heart, that will allow you to travel.

In these times when Mother Earth stretches up into the 4th Light, and the 4th Light, it reaches down, into her Beautiful Love, there are opportunities for Humans willing to take that journey, to send themselves into that next vibratory state, or indeed, beyond, if it is their choosing; but let us focus on the next phase, for now.

As you send your Love into the higher realm, you become aware that as a Spirit Light, as an Orb, as one who is of Etheric nature, you can Truly be Aware of a great deal more, than you can, when you use the physical 5 senses of the body.

That is the Gift that you have: it is not often used, by most people. When there are these times of heightened frequency, take advantage of them, and allow the Love that you are, to generate Itself within you – and it will do it, almost by itself, with your intention – into that which you are, as Spirit Light.

That Light: it does not know limitation. There is no ceiling that holds you to a certain plane, when you are coming from Love in the Heart. All That You Are, is striving for each of you, to reach into this place; and indeed, most of you here, are already busy there in your night time, in your sleepstate.

For there is much to be prepared (in the 4th Light), for the inflowing of the energies (people) who will make that Transition, who perhaps have not come to the understanding of themselves as Ones of Light, yet have enough Love, to make that journey. They will be bewildered; they will be confused; they will also be not understanding how it is, when your every thought, your every emotion, manifests instantly to you.

When you can live in a place of Love, there is nothing to be afraid of: there is only the Boundless, Limitless Potentials. And in that state, you would choose to find those with whom you are aligned to – those who are friends; those who perhaps are your Guides: they will be waiting for you to greet them.

Those who come en masse, because of their group awareness that potentially may move them towards fear, even in the Embracement of the Love that exists in that dimension: they will find that there are so many – and I count you amongst them, who will say to them, “Come! Be Welcome here: this is a Beautiful place of Love – let me show you! “ There will be Guides, and people in that state, who will Guide them, to where they can find their place to Be.

That Transition will not be in a body, much of the time: there will be few at the level, who can take their bodies with them. What will be the case for most of those moving into the 4th Light, is that they will find themselves to be an Orb of Beautiful Light, of their own colours, of their own energy.

They will not understand that they are an Orb, at first: for that awareness that they have, it is multi-sensory, and they do not realise, they do not have a body at that moment. The body comes a bit later: it will be, very much, 4th dimensional for them. For those able to take their bodies through, the bodies will rapidly change and transform, into a much less dense process. Those who are living in Love, will have that opportunity.

There is much talk on your Earth plane, that there is to be a gradual transition process. From our perspective, that comes after this time of Transition. There are some who speak of it as The Event; there are some who speak of it as the Three Days of Darkness.

It is not really about darkness: it is about Light so intense, it blocks every receptor, until there is adjustment to understand the level of Light. That understanding, that adjustment, is done through the Higher Self, through the closest Guides – through the Angelic and the Guidance Realms.

Each Human is watched over, in grand degree: they will find their path, no matter where they are at this time. And there will be somewhat of a lead-up to that time, where those who cannot make the journey in its fullest measure, will be leaving – they will simply dematerialise. There will not be a body on the bed perhaps, in the morning, at times. It will be done in Love, so as not to frighten the ones remaining. It is all to be managed in absolute exquisite Perfection of Love.

Each of you, has a path, that is opening now. You have held to long-held desires, you have the “bucket list”, perhaps. You have places of your experience, that you would wish to Complete, before this Transition Time: be about them now. You have perhaps one, perhaps three, perhaps four or five years: we do not believe it will be as long, as four or five.

If you were to Create for yourselves, a Loving Gift to Humanity, what would it be?

And what would be, the Loving Gift for yourself?

These are questions to put into motion now; and indeed, most of you present, if not all, are actively already working in your various Gifts.

Is there a way of Creating, that you would choose, that you have not done yet?

In that Light, there is a calling of Soul to Soul, Heart to Heart, to discover who You Truly Are; to discover others of a similar grouping. Let it be all right, that that call is there; and send it out yourself, by all means. Yet allow for the Love that surrounds you, to bring them to you, when the time is right: they will come; you do not need to go seeking them. Much of that journey, will be immediately post that instant, that moment, that period of change.

What will Mother Earth be doing? She will be busily transforming herself, without question: there is much that is in need of Healing; there is much that is to be rectified.

Will there be a time of great earthquakes and so forth – of water, where perhaps it should not be? Yes, but there will not be people to see it, any more. For those who would be at that dimension, they will be already taken care of.

There will be many to bring to task, in the immediate future; yet once that Transition arises, it will be for those of the High Councils of Light Itself, to move the journeys of those ones, where they need to go.

Understand that always there is a balancing in a yin-yang world; and that balance has been exceeded, yes; but it has also been pushed back a great deal. In that pushing back, this Transition is now possible: it is imminent, you might say – in our form, it is imminent; for you, it will take a little longer :).

For each of you, it is not to be worried, for the ones you hold Dear. This time, is one for all to be encouraged to go within: perhaps that can be done for the ones that you Love. And if not, it does not matter; for they already have their path woven before them. They already know, exactly, where they are choosing to be; and so they are making the most of this third dimensional process, to move themselves through various relationship issues, or material issues, or whatever it is: they are doing their learning, as fast as they can. Let it be all right, that they are: do not worry, “Oh, they are in this place – therefore they are not taking the time to Meditate.” If they are not willing, that is their choosing, and it must be honoured.

For those who are Aware, it is a time of living with the Heart on the outside: to let the Heart be the journey, in the fullest degree that you can.

That is what we have come to share with you this day: we Trust, that you understand the Love that has brought it to the Earth at this time; that there has been a long waiting for this time: for it was due in the time of Imhotep of Egypt; it was due when the Master Jesus walked the Earth, and now, it must come in one form or other.

And we are so Jubilant, so Joyous, that it is coming as a Transition into Higher Love, for a great many more than was thought to be the potential, even fifteen or so years ago.

Transition Times:

Afternoon with Chancellor Mufa

& the Council of Transition

29th January, 2017

Transcript Part 2: Q&A

I ask you now to bring forth your questions: please speak loudly, that all may hear; and be not shy.

Q: You said that some would be going on the spaceships off planet due to fear; so are they are the ones who are not able to move fully into Love: is this correct?

A: There are those who have Lineage of the Stars, who yet have not opened their Awareness to that state: they will be given that opportunity.

There are also those who still are more in fear than in Love, but not by a great margin. There is a planet that is prepared for them, that is 3rd dimensional. It is a pristine planet, many lightyears from Earth. There are few animals; there are some other forms of life; but it is pretty much what would be termed a “Garden of Eden”. They will be given an opportunity to continue their 3rd dimensional lives there, without going Home to the Creator Light, and coming back in a new body.

Q: Recently I was at a Retreat, and one of the major premises of a Retreat is to Embody the Creator I AM Presence; and the question I’ve got is around when is it coming from a place of ego or disillusionment, versus actual embodiment?

A: I speak of it as the Higher Self, Dear Heart. I speak of it, as All That You Are, coming into the physical embodiment. The more you are in Love, the more this takes place. It is a very Beautiful journey. That part of you that fears it is ego, let it go. There is an adjustment to be made in thinking of the Self in EmPowerment ways. Often Humans are asked to consider themselves, either submissive, or to project a strong face above the more submissive feelings of fear and so forth.

When you are in your Heart Truth, you are in Love; and in that Love, the Higher Self, the I AM Presence, is part of you. You may find, perhaps that at times, words come forth that you may not have chosen to speak to someone; and yet, they are there, and you recognise, “Aah, yes! That came from a Higher part of me.” More and more, this will happen; and indeed, it will Guide much of your journey, if you will allow it. It is for the individual to choose, the extent of their blending of the incoming Love, that is Truly not incoming, so much as it is a Blossoming of that which is already within.

Q: I don’t imagine anyone here today, will be going back to Creator, or going off-planet, so where will we move to? I have heard talk of people moving into the Inner Earth? Is that what might be happening to some of us?

A: That would be more post – the Transition, when you understand yourself more deeply, and you may make those choices. There are those of the Inner Earth who are reaching out to Humanity in a grand attempt to have them understand the need for a more Spiritual path, and it is appropriate that they do so. They have been Custodians of the planet for thousands of years.

It is a path of Love to connect with them; however: allow yourself to be very sure, as to whom you are connecting with, in that Light, for there are those who would pretend. Look into what is given, look into the energy, for its Love; and if you cannot feel that Love, ask your questions, to be of certainty: that would be a wise choice, Dear Heart.

Q: There’s been massive Waves of energy in the past, where there’s a lot of planetary alignments and all sorts of things going on. We’ve just had one the other day: could you talk about these huge Waves of energy, and the process of what’s happening?

A: Indeed. There has been in some degree, a holding back of the incoming frequencies, until Humankind was ready to meet them. That time is now past. You understand from the brief potentials that remain, there must be an opportunity for Humanity to understand, that life lived only in the pursuit of the material plane, is not fulfilling; and that they would, if they so choose, take an opportunity to meet more with their Spirit light, with the Creator, or with whichever form of it they would admire.

These Waves from approximately September of this last year, and ongoing, will intensify. For there must be a sufficient opportunity for those close to, but not yet there, to come into a place where they are able to blend more easily, with that which They Are; that their Higher Self can Guide them more strongly in their choices.

Humans have free choice. It is something that the Higher Self, Itself, reveres highly. It chose to send Aspects of Itself, to this journey, to experience the world of freedom of choice; and It will not negate that choice, unless there is a prior mission in the Blueprint, perhaps to leave at a certain time, and so forth. There are moments indeed, that are predetermined; but for much of the journey, it is all about freedom of choice.

So the Humans must realise the choice before them: they must understand, that they have a Great Potential for them on Earth; and it does not mean they must go through Apocalypse and Armageddon: only, that their lives be reformed into what is Truly important to them: what it is, that is in their Heart, to fulfill.

And so these Waves, as they come in, they will be pushing harder and harder at the 3rd dimensional awareness: that there be sufficient intensity, for the people to embody more of their own Being.

It will not be at the level of the Light worker, who has journeyed long and hard through many clearings and so forth, to arrive at a certain place; but it will be, perhaps sufficient, to get them over the line, so to speak.

So these Waves, they are of Photon Light: they are of frequency, that is pure Love. Each particle of Photon Energy is Conscious: it is the Consciousness of Love. And that Love, as it continues to flow in, it will find all the places where there is not-Love, that they be seen; that they be Healed.

It will bring to many, crises in their lives. They were not willing to change, without such a crisis. It is the task of those who understand such things, to point out the Gift in those crises, when the one who is at the centre of it, can receive that Guidance.

We do not ask, that you stand on the soapbox and shout from the rooftops. It is only to speak to those who would listen. Yet, seeds can be planted; moments can be taken advantage of, to make a simple question be heard; or to explain something a little more deeply than otherwise you would dare to do.

Humans have such a propensity for Love: it is built into the Human process.

Yes, fear has been high; but we Know, that Love will prevail. For some parts (of Humanity) it takes a little longer; for others, they have stepped so aside from that path, there will be a need for much diligence, to return them towards Love.

However it is, there is a Divine process at work. Your Creator Knows, every bit of Itself, intimately. You are the Living Expression of It. You are already wired for this change: no matter if you are the tramp sleeping in the gutter; if you are someone in the business world; if you are, however it is. All have that propensity; and it will be for the individual’s Lineage, and experiences in this life, to combine to Create their Full Potential.

The Light as it comes in, particularly in these next months – the Photon energy on the Earth will be lessened as the baseline: that the Waves that come in, will have greater impact; and that is all right: that is Perfect.

Q: How do we best work with our current 3D laws and time, space and so forth, to Co-Creating a more expanded way?
A: I would ask of you, Dear Heart, why would you choose to?
Q: To bring in more Universal Laws, and Transcend what we believe is possible?

A: Perhaps it is best to set up outside of that system, into that which already operates in 4th dimensional ways. It will attract the growing numbers who are seeking a higher energy place to be. Rather than seeking to transform the old, let it be, that there is already a place, that works in the new vibration. That is what you have here, is it not? (Yes.)
Expand this, through bringing in, as much Love, as it is possible through the ones who come here: having moments where they come just to share Love – no Teaching, no Guide – just to BE, in Love, together. That will strengthen the energy of this Beautiful Temple of Light; and it will magnetise to it, Ones who are ready to Receive here. How would that be, Dear Heart?

Q: That is lovely validation of everything I have been Guided to, Thank You.
A: Indeed. The people desire a place to be, where they can be in their Heart. Allow there to be levels of availability: some that are more perhaps what you would term mainstream; and others, that are more metaphysically oriented. Let the choices be diverse for them, and they will indeed, move themselves through the journey, as they are ready.
That is also, that which your Guides, wish for us to share with you.

Q: I have found it very difficult in the last few months to move from my head into my Heart. I would like to know if that is part of the changes, or what would be the best way to do it, to descend more into the Heart?

A: It is a Beautiful question: remember, that at this time, there is the mass consciousness of duality; and there is the 4th Light, or 5th – however you term it to be. It is pressing upon the 3rd Light. It is not with it: it is not transformed yet. Until it does transform, there will be times, when the mental train tracks, they take their path; and there will be times when the mass consciousness – the undercurrents of fear of change, of Transformation, will be so strong, that it does affect many Light Workers.

What can be done, is to breathe the Golden Light, into the Heart. Breathing, by whatever practice you enJoy, with the Conscious Intent to bring the Love of Source into your Heart, and to expand the Love of Source within the Heart, once the body has relaxed sufficiently, to allow it to be there in your Consciousness.

You can also choose to work closely with a Guide, with an Angelic One. There are many who offer their Loving service to you: you have quite an Entourage; they would Love to help you. So it is to frame a thought: “Please help me, to be in my Heart”. And to stop, and to Breathe, even for two or three breaths. As you open your Awareness into a more subtle level, you will find there that is a feeling of comfort; there is a Presence, that is overLighting you; or simply a moment, where there is perhaps a small tear in the eyes, because you feel the Love that has come to you. As you practice it, more and more, it becomes instantaneous: the instant you begin to frame the thought, it is already there. That is with the Breathing; that is the practice, if there is a need for a practice, that I would recommend.

The Gift you can bring to yourself, (and I am sure that you already do), is to Meditate: to allow priority to be given, to a time of bringing Peace to the vessel, to the four bodies; and to allow that which is with you – your Higher Self, your Guidance – to speak with you, to bring you thoughts; to bring you understandings, inspirations. And it does not always come in words; it comes in the form, that you can receive it.

Many are the times, when people say to us, “But I don’t hear my Guides; I don’t see them; I cannot feel them.” And we say, sit a while, and breathe; and daydream; and allow yourself to be in the gentle place, of nothing to be done; nothing to be thought of, to be managed; and with that, there will be what comes.

Another way is to do your writing: write a letter, to your Guide, to your Higher Self, to the Creator – write a letter, and share what is there for you. Put the question on the paper, and set it aside (and Breathe for a while). Perhaps these are of service to you also, Dear Heart. With time, the writing comes swiftly in answer, no need to set the paper aside: it is already there.

There is an expectation, that one must be fully in Presence; fully in the Heart, all of the time. You are still in the 3rd dimensional Human framework; even as you are also simultaneously in your Light journey. And the two, sometimes they are in parallel; sometimes they cross and blend; sometimes one is stronger; perhaps the other is stronger. All of it, is all right: it is all Perfect.

This is a time of so much change: where you can, step back from it, and watch it. Do not become involved in it: in the politics, in the economics, in the daily stresses. Seek to remain a little towards the rear of it, and let it pass.

It is like in the ocean: there are waves sometimes that are taller than you, yet you can jump, and you can be carried by them. There are others that look menacing, and then they become almost nothing: let it be like that, Dear Heart.

Q: Would you give us a vision, or an understanding of everyday life, after the Transition, or as we Transition?

A: Indeed: I would be most Honoured to. There will be a time when those who have not yet Created within themselves, a certain frequency of Light, will undergo a Teaching process: you will be one of the Teachers, Dear Heart – there is little doubt of that. And, you will know exactly what they need to understand, for you will have received the Gift of the full Knowledge of Yourself, and of the journey. That is part of that time, that is termed the Three Days of Darkness; when Mother Earth stills herself, and begins to rotate in the opposite direction.

During that time, that resetting process, you will not be in the body: you will be in the Light. You will be in Council with your Guides, with your Higher Self; and you will be receiving much that you have wondered about, and now understand. The Love will fill you to the brim; and you will be so willing, to share that Love.

You will also remember the times you have already been on that 4th dimensional Earth, and all that you have prepared there, for the ones who will come.

They will need to be housed for a time, for they will not understand, that through their intent, much can be Created, that does not require a home, a house, or anything of that form.

There are great forests there, of trees taller than the tallest ones on Earth today. Those trees are Conscious: they are Aware, even as they are on Earth, but far more. They have been spoken to by the ones who are the Tree Speakers, who have prepared platforms woven with the branches of the trees as they grew to provide the foundation for a platform; and there has been shelter prepared around that platform. That will be the homes of a great many for a time, in communal groups: it will not be one person by themselves. They will be remembering their families at the Soul level; they will be remembering their friends in Light. They will choose, Lovingly to gather into those groups, and to be in residence in closeness with each other. There will also be other forms of dwellings for those who prefer them; but many will remember their Lemurian journeys, when indeed, that is exactly how many of them lived.

The days to begin with will be very much involved in teaching how to be in a 4th dimensional energy state, to release the remnants of fear; for at the very lower levels of the 4th, there is still some fear – not much, but some. They will be Guided, Healed, offered potentials to move themselves into places where the fear is not so great; in fact, it diminishes entirely.

For this is a time of great Love: it is a time to discover the Power of Love; what you can Create through Love, through your thoughts based in Love.

There will be those who arrived as Orbs, who will want a body, a 4th dimensional body. There are, perhaps similar to the movie Avatar, although without all the machines – there are bodies that are forms that are Created by those of Higher Love, and it will be for the Orb Self to put a little of its own DNA through its intent into that body, and it will transform into their form, as they would choose it to be. And when they are ready, they will be taught how to be active in the body. Once active in the body, that will be their form for a time; until they learn again to leave it, and travel dimensionally, as their Orb Self.

There will be a great learning that goes on, because there will not be animals for food any more. Plant life will supply those needs; and with time, there will be little need even for that; for they will be taught how to Breathe Light, and to Live, through Light. Perhaps there might be the eating of a little leaf; or there is a form of algae that is nutritious that is also used; and there have been Chefs that have busily been preparing how to make this algae palatable for those used to eat meat, for a time; for an indeterminate period, until they are comfortable, with a more, what you would term perhaps, an Etheric way of life.

It is the Golden time: it is the time when you are there to express your Love, to express your potentials, to explore. There will be some who are fascinated by other cultures, other societies, and they will go off in space either through their Orb or in great Crafts or however it is that they choose, to explore other potentials.

There will be those who want to nurture Cultures that have not yet reached that level of Light and Love; there will be those who are quite content to live very much discovering what is possible to Create. They can learn to be an artist of great magnitude, or a singer, or a gardener – it does not matter – there will be choices.

And there will be so much Wisdom available to learn from, from those whom they can now see: the Guides, the Angelic Realms, you will see them, they will no longer be invisible to you, once you have moved beyond the lowest levels of the 4th. And those who are Teachers – indeed, they already are 4th Light.

Q: What then will happen to the cities?

A: They will not survive the Transition process. The cities are an artificial way of life in the way they are structured now. There will be those who desire to Create with form, and they will develop the most fanciful and imaginative proposals for how people may choose to interact with their Creations.

It is a time of immense Creativity; until several thousand years – perhaps two – have passed, and then, there will be another Transition that all arise into the 5th Light, as I speak of it. That is a place of pure Love, where you simply exist, bathed in the Creator’s Love. Eventually, you grow tired of that at some point, and you choose to take up a Mastery role; and you become one of the great Teachers, that perhaps at times, incarnates into a lower level society, to bring an influx of information and insights and Spiritual Wisdom.

There are those who work with the energy of developing planets, who Guide their process, indeed as the Guardians of Developing Societies do; and there are those who allow for new life to be Created; new forms to come into Being; and that is always an Eternal process. There is much choice.

Let there be no hesitation, that the dark time of 3rd dimensional Earth is done. And that the Beauty of Love, Truly awaits. The Joy will be, in offering your Gifts. The Joy will be, in seeing the Love that is expressed between those who receive a Gift, and those who give it. It is a very much a different place of Honouring: of deep Honouring of All Light, All Life, and it Transforms every way that you now exist within – other than, when you are in your Higher Consciousness in these times.

It is not a Shangri La that is remote and unachievable. It is literally, on the doorstep, given the length of time it has taken to get here. The diligent efforts by so many, incarnating time after time, to add a just a little more Light into the mass consciousness, to balance out, what was there in the dark.

And now, it is a time to be Celebrating: the Change is really here. And you are part of it: you get to experience it, to watch it, to enJoy it to the fullest.

There will be a moment at that Transition time, where there will be the choice of fear or Love. Yet you will be held strongly in the Love of your Higher Self; and remember always, to make to yourself, the statement: “I choose Love.” And that will dissolve all else, that could have been, just like that.

Q: I have found it very difficult, or complicated, to talk about Love. Many people ask me, “What is Love, where do I begin, how do I connect to it – I don’t know what it is.” And I find it – I don’t even know how to put it into words. So can you maybe give us some words on how to talk about it, or how to describe it?

A: Ask of them, have they felt romantic Love? Have they felt Love for a child? Have they been in a place where they would give much, to bring Joy to another: that is the place to begin, Dear Heart. Love takes many forms: there is a Love that is all-encompassing, that is received when you are in a deep place of Acceptance for it.

It is more to ask, why am I not worthy, of Love? What is it, that I feel about myself, that keeps me, from receiving Love, as I would choose to. And there will be that voice that says, “You are not enough” in some way. And that is the time to say, “I am no longer listening to you. I Welcome the Light that is Love into my Life.”

For Light carries Codes: it is literally, Etheric DNA. It carries that Transforming frequency, that allows for Love to be experienced.

In the Human, it takes oftentimes, a place of surrender: not of giving everything away, but of Opening; of Allowing, without fear. Today’s busy world is designed to keep you from it; so you must sidestep the busy world; and be in a place, perhaps with others who also choose Love, for the Group energy always magnifies the potential. And in that, as you have an experience, perhaps there are not words to define it, but you Know it exists, and can be found again.

(Healing process with the Sadiyaa (Christ Light) for those present.)

As I take my leave: as we, in Our Love, release from this journey in this form, know that we are always with you, but a thought away. Let yourself Truly Live, as Human walking hand in hand with Spirit Self; with your Guides, with your Angelic Ones. The Entourage that is with you: Celebrate them; let them be close friends to you. They will not take your free choice: they will help you to find it. They will Guide you into the places, where you would Truly most long to be; for that is their intention: to have you be, in the Greatest Love and Happiness you can discover; that the Change brings even more of that journey to you.

Always are you held, in the Love of Our Creator Source; in the Weaves of Goddess Love; in the Profound and Transformative Energies, of the Christ Light: Truly, So It Is.

Thank You, for Your Love, in these journeys.

Message from the

Council of Transition

9th February, 2017

Beloved Masters, I AM Mufa, speaking for, The Council of Transition. I am here, to usher in a new process of Light, for each of you, who chooses, to proceed with this path of Transition, with us.

It has been made known to you, that your planet is on the brink of an immense change – far more, than the political, or economic changes that are already in motion; and far more intense, than that which you have yet experienced, as an emotional Shift within your Being, for most of you who read these words.

Your choices are unfolding before you, as we write these words: you are being asked to Complete those patterns and Ways of Being, that adhere to the 3rd dimension, and to allow for yourself, to be swiftly brought into, your full personal processes, as the one you Truly Are: one who Loves, more than they fear; and one who is willing to remain in Trust, in the Divine Purpose, of Our Creator Force, who so Honours and Loves the Human population, that It has chosen to allow a grand Completion to that which is not of Love, on the planet.

That does not mean major catastrophes, for those who are of Love: those unaware of the Truth of Events on Earth, yet who have a Loving nature, will undoubtedly discover their place in a world far more of Peace and Love, than they would have dreamed of experiencing, whether it be, of the 3rd or the 4th Light in frequency, at the time of great Transition.

Your part in all of this, for those who are Awakened, and Aware of the Power of Love to cause change, is to facilitate this happening, through your own thoughts and actions on a daily basis. It is to be very involved with your inner journey: with your own connection, to the Divine: that you discover for yourself, the Truth of words such as ours; and as well, that you come to a greater Acceptance and understanding of yourself, and in that, are able to choose paths that sustain you and bring Joy into your life.

What is taking place on the planet now, is a steadily increasing dismantling of old systems of control; yet in the immediate future, there appears to be little to replace them with, that does not reflect what has been the way of things for a very long period of time. This is an illusion: the new systems, based on the Honouring of All, are there; yet they are not yet recognised as being present, by all but a few. Those few, by leading the charge into new ways of looking at what is possible, in governments, in schools, in health systems and in many other systems, need our support: to be encouraged to continue to move forwards, the dialogue about such new perspectives on how life can be structured and lived now.

There will be those who lead the way swiftly forwards, in the sure Knowledge, that this is the long-awaited opportunity for needed changes, to allow for a more equitable system for all; and one which addresses all Humans as being of Divine Origin.

Much has been spoken of in our recent public Event (held in Sydney), of the exact nature of the Shifting process: this will be shared with you at a later time. For now, it is to remind you, that there is little to be afraid of: be assured, that Mother Earth is fully Aware of all who are part of her processes; those who hold to Love, have nothing to fear.

When the moment of Full Transition arises, there will be ample warning, for you to place yourselves into a state of Meditation, and to be in the strongest possible connection with your Guidance, with the Creator’s Love: it will be the time of staying strong, in the face of the fears expressed by others; and it is to be in Celebration! For at that moment, the time has come for Love to prevail, in All of its Divinity.

Until that moment, diligently seek to strengthen your Love; to release from your lives, what no longer holds Joy for you, and to move into a wider process of fulfilling your long-held dreams; to seek out the places of happiness and contentment, and to amplify them in your life. This is a personal process of discovery and self empowerment; for when you are in Joy in yourself, others are also.

What is taking place upon your Earth now, is a complete taking of stock: a measuring, of what is occurring now, in every sphere of Life on the planet, and, its fullest potentials.

You may be feeling the desire to restructure some part of your life, your home, your relationships: let it be all right, to take some time with this process, to ensure that you are fulfilling your own deep needs and desires, rather than acting on impulse, in ways that may later be regretted. You will know if you have made the best choice for yourself, if you feel Lighter in your Heart, as a result of imagining yourself in the place of its Completion.

Once the measuring process is Completed in the next several weeks, opportunities for inserting Vibrations of Change into old systems that are holding the consciousness of the planet back, will be examined in great detail, for those with the most beneficial outcomes to be activated.

Thus there will be sudden shifting of viewpoints, as previously hidden information is released into the mass Awareness, that causes a restructuring of perspectives on how best to proceed. This will be happening in a great many countries; and in the individual process as well. This is not in reference to Full Disclosure: that is still some time in your future; yet, the beginnings of it will be in stronger motion, as the weeks now pass.

You will be feeling a strong need to push forwards in your life in some way: some of you, are already in this place of your experience. For those who are in this place, it is to follow the Guidance you are being given, for you have a role to play that will in some way, be of service to others in the times to come.

All is in motion: all is being checked for the fullest changes to be initiated, as this part of the process concludes.

Remember your Love…that which connects you, directly to Source, to our Creator Light: it is ever-present, and will Guide you, into your own highest potentials, as you are ready for them, in fullest measure. The Love in which you are held, knows no obstacles: it is waiting, for your Acceptance, of Your Truth: that you are a Divine Being, experiencing a Human process, during a time of immense Transition; and, that you are now using Love, to Guide every choice that is made, each day that now passes.

For so, Truly, It Is.

Message from the

Council of Transition

24th January, 2017

Greetings, Beloved Masters, I AM Mufa: I am the Focus of the
​​Council of Transition this day.

As you have watched the events unfold around the shifting of political leaders, not only in America, but also in other countries around the globe​, you are seeing a revolution in progress.

It is not one of political alliances: it is, a movement towards the expression of the need for much change, in how your world is controlled.

Those who have held onto power, are well aware that their time in that space is coming to closure; yet, they are doing their utmost to cause much confusion in the Human mind and journey​, prior to their departure in whatever form that transpires.

As we watch the small rebellions taking place, popping up all over the globe, they are beginning to amass into a larger, more coherent force of Aligned Consciousness: no longer content with the status quo of how life is ​lived ​within the current systems of control, the energy is ​now ​building for a comprehensive change process.

This is not about wars and weaponry: it is about the Consciousness of the peoples of the world – seemingly separate, holding wildly varying views at times​, yet part of a global energy field that is the Collective of Human Conscious Awareness.

As this Collective gathers in strength of intent, that what has been, does not serve the vast majority of the Peoples of Earth, and that it is actively causing major destruction of the planet’s abundant ​L​ife-giving resources, it will become an unstoppable force of change. It is not about rioting and so forth: the change, when it comes, will be as it was with the bringing down of the Berlin Wall: a Peaceful change, that brings into physicality, what is now obvious as the way things need to become, in order for life to be lived more kindly, more generously, with needed resources ​provided ​for All.

Your part in this process, is to hold to, the Love that is the driving force of this major change: to bring it into your daily life, by discovering how to make necessary tasks more enjoyable; to allocate time, and give great priority to, your times of Connection with Spirit: with your Guidance, and with the Creator Itself. Each moment that you are feeling and Creating in contentment, enjoying the process, in satisfaction with what is being accomplished in your daily life, the positive energy you are emitting aids both you and ​A​ll around you, in grand degree.

Our part in this process, is to hold you in a strength of Love, that the times of lack and difficulty are released and reformed into Life-supporting journeys: that together, we walk the paths of Spirit holding hands with their Humans, that Love Guides your every step, and that your desires for Peace, Love and Happiness, become the daily process in your life.

For Truly, So It IS.

Moving Beyond Duality

The Council of Transition

14th January 2017


Dear Ones, I AM Mufa: I AM the Focal Point, for our Council of Transition this day, as I bring to you, the Knowing of Love: that which is, Our Creator’s Presence, shining forth within your Essential Light. This is the part of you that is Eternal, even as it is embodying Itself more deeply within you, by the day.

You may be sensing this process, in the form of feelings of sadness or despair; or as a restlessness, that you cannot quite place the source of it in your daily life; or, you may be feeling a great sense of tiredness, of lack of energy.

What is taking place within your DNA, is a path of Transition: that which has had you relatively comfortable in a third dimensional process, is rapidly now, being upgraded to that which allows for your full functionality, at a higher level of your Love. This Love is the Creator Itself, expressed through your presence on the planet, during this time of great change, huge transformation.

This process has been going on within your embodiment for quite some time: yet, as it is now accelerating within the physical body, there must also be, changes made to the emotional and mental programs you have been running to move yourself through your life, as best as you could have them become.

You are being shown what must now, be put into the wastebasket; yet your Human nature, does not wish to throw out what has been useful, as you have perceived it to be, throughout previous experiences.

In Welcoming the new flows of heightened frequencies into your four body process (physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual), you allow those old ways, that now feel uncomfortable to you, to be relinquished, even as your mental and emotional worlds may not yet be perceiving that which has already replaced them.

A Beautiful path into this process, is to be strongly focused on the breath: to breath in, the Light of Creator Source, through your Crown Chakra, into the Pineal Gland, centered beneath the two sides of the brain, behind the nose in the center of the head.

As you focus on breathing Creator’s Light of Love, into this place of the Pineal, it resets your Blueprint, your Signature of Light, in Loving synchronicity with the part of you that is your Highest Self, that is the complete expression of your True Nature.

As you allow, this inflowing of Love to come to you, each of your four bodies will be Ignited into a greater Awareness of Love, becoming a Unified Whole. Allow this process to take you deeper into your Love: open your Heart and your Light, to commune with the All. Your Guiding Focuses will step forwards to you as well during this journey, and you may ask to receive the Love and the messages that they have for you, as you continue on in the Meditation process.

By allowing the resetting of your Conscious Awareness into this experience of Higher Love, you are empowering your journey to become one that is more focused into the Truth of Your Light: a place, not of diminishment, but of great Celebration, that you are willing to perceive the Self, in ways that move you ever deeper into the Unified Wholeness of You.

And Truly, So It IS.

First Message Received from

The Council of Transition

11th January 2017



* Chancellor Mufa of Lemuria
* Eli-Ahn, Elven Goddess and a Guardian of Developing Societies (G.O.D.S.)
* Archangel Michael
* Archangel Gabriel
* Sadiyaa of the Christ Light
* Master Guide Kirael, also a G.O.D.S (non-verbal presence); and
* Takeli MMagdalen, Elven Goddess.

In the Light of Love, we come, to share with you, our knowledge, of these times of potential Ascension and Transformation, of your Human embodiment, into a less dense process of Greater Love.

We have watched over the Earth plane for thousands, indeed, billions, of your years: ever Guiding the Evolutionary processes at work there, in all of their myriad forms. Our Love, has oftentimes, Guided the various Transitions that have occurred, both on the surface and beneath, on Earth.

Each time the darkened forces have sought to take Earth beyond what was redeemable, we have intervened: now, we are facilitating this process again; for now, it is the opportunity that has been greatly sought after, by those who have come, in their Love, to live within Mother Earth’s Loving physical Presence throughout the ages of time.

Your planetary position, indeed, your entire Solar system and well beyond, is in the midst of a much more inLightened energy, for a brief period of time. This is perceivable as a dense belt of Photon Light particles. You on Earth have been in the outer reaches of it for some time, experiencing the ebb and flow of the incoming waves of this Light, magnetising your Conscious Awareness towards Love. These waves of Photon Light, embodying Love, have been kept within certain limits by the Forces of Light, to ensure that Humanity was given sufficient time, to Awaken towards Love.

This time has now reached its final stages: thus, the Photon Light, as it continues now to intensify its Love Frequencies in your sector of Space, will bring to the surface within all, all that is out of Love, for its Healing. Thus, the seemingly chaotic circumstances will continue to expand for a time, until more of Human Awareness has reached the understanding of the necessity for Completion, with that which has been the way of things on your planet for thousands of years.

You, who would read these words; who would Receive our Love and Guidance, are the ones who have stepped forward, in your Light and Love, to hold firm, to the Power of Light to allow a completely Transforming process; for you have seen this before, in other times and in other planetary systems.

You are no stranger, to the intensity of Creator’s Love, that causes an extremely rapid Process of Transition: you are those, who must now, hold with all of your might, to the EmPowerment of your Love within your Being. You are changing, from whom you have been, into more, of Who You Truly, Are: One who lives in Love; who Honours All Life; and who would see a world of people who live happily with each other, in Peace, in the sharing of Loving potentials with each other.

For those who have the courage to walk this path, it is a Gift that you came to bring, to All of Humankind; for in your Love, you knew, these raising energetic frequencies would cause much confusion and chaotic circumstances, as those who have held to power and dominion over every part of life on Earth, are forced into relinquishing it: because, it is the time, for it to be relinquished now.

If you would be one who would stand tall in your Love, we ask of you, to make a commitment to the Light, that you would be of service in the way that you are able to Create now. We will see your Love; and you will discover yourself, walking a new path in the months to come: perhaps one, you have not had the willingness to walk, until it was the final moments prior to the fullness of Transition. We say to you, in our fullest Love, that time has now come.

For Truly, so it IS.