I created my own internet radio show in 2013-2014, called Cosmos of the Heart (click on the underlined title to go there, to listen to shows via the on-demand archives).

Cosmos of the Heart is a place to explore Living in the Oneness of the Radiant Heart, from many different perspectives, welcoming our Galactic Brethren, our Guidance, and most of all, Our Selves!  For we are integrating rapidly now, parts of us that were beyond the veil, a very special process and experience :)


12th/13th May: The Chalice Light of Love
April 28th/29th Clarity in Love!
April 13th/14th: Times of Change
March 30/31st: Great Shift Update: New Beginnings in Love
March 16th/17th: The Time for Awakening is NOW!
March 2nd/3rd: Healing Within the Heart of Your Higher Self
Feb 16th/17th: Blessings of the Goddess Weaves of Love
Feb 2nd/3rd: Saying YES! to a New Life Begun
Jan 19th/20th: Talking Shifting Consciousness
Jan 5th/6th: Mediumship in Transition
Dec 22nd/23rd: Conscious Love
Dec 8th/9th: Angels, Guides & The Great Shift in Consciousness
Nov 24th/25th: Great Shift Update
Nov 10th/11th: Awakening To Your Galactic Self
November 3rd/4th: Meeting Our Galactic Neighbours & Friends
October 27th/28th: Consciously Creating in Changing Times
October 6th/7th: Visit with the Xanterexx/Comet Ison Crafts
September 29th/30th: Diary of an Incarnate Archangel
September 22nd/23rd: Enigma of Crop Circles with Megan Heazlewood
September 15th/16th: Talking Galactics with Mariana Flynn
September 8th/9th: Receiving God’s/Creator’s Love
September 1st/2nd: Creating in 4D
August 25th/26th: Empowerment of the Soul in Embodiment
August 18th/19th: Shifting Times – Update from the Guardians for the Shift
August 11th/12th: Living in Love – Paths to InLightenment
August 4th/5th: Your Star Lineages
July 28th/29th:  Revealing Our Connection to Our Galactic Brethren
July 21st/22nd:  Heart Neurons, DNA Shifts, Grids
July 15th/15th: Shifting into Joy
July 7th/8th: Living in the Heart
June 30/July 1st: The Guardians for the Shift
June 23rd/24th: Your Ascension Process
June 16th/17th: Mother Earth’s Shift
June 9th/10th: From Love to InLightenment
June 2nd/3rd: Life Post-Shift
May 26th/27th: Life in These Shifting Times
May 19th/20th: The Great Shift in Consciousness – Part B
May 12th/13th: The Great Shift in Consciousness – Part A
May 5th/6th, 2013: Living in Connection
April 21st/22nd: Gifts of Lemuria: Self as Divine and Sovereign Being
March 25/26: Mary Magdalene, Master Jesus, & Divine Love