25th October 2015

Kirribilli, Sydney, Australia

Greetings, Beloved Ones, I AM indeed, Mufa, of the 7th Light and beyond. For there I journey not in a form of Human, or of Guide; but of Light.

Light takes any form of its choosing: there is no restrictiveness, that a particular particle must take a certain form, that is imprinted into it by Creator Source. Always, particles are part of Creator Itself. They have their own Consciousness, even as, it is in a place of Oneness of All of Creation. It is such a difficult place to define in Human terms, yet I will try.

Were you to be there: part of Source, as the Beautiful Gathering of Light Particles, that each of You Are, there would be a slight connectedness between the Particles that form this Presence that You Are, and that is All That You Are: your Higher Self, the other Aspects of your Light; All that encompass, that which You Are. Yet it would be almost – it would appear to be overshadowed by a great Blending of Consciousness, of such a Purity of Love, it would be an easy choice to participate with the limitless Consciousness of the many, many, many Particles, forming themselves into a place of Awareness, that is simultaneously everywhere, and yet also, within itself, Complete.

When you are asked in your Particle Light, what you would choose to be your form of expression, there would be a drawing towards a particular form, that most often, would be Honoured, as the place of your Choosing. Very occasionally, there are those Particles who have a different journey; and they align themselves into their chosen pattern, right at that very first instant of Awareness of Self, in a form of identity that is, while still of Creator, also, just a little more separate than perhaps others might find themselves to be at that time. These are the ones that become the great Angelic Presences. They journey through their Love, their intense Love, in total service to all who would seek out such a service.

There are those who develop their journey as a Particle, moving through process after process, experience after experience, who also, at a particular time, when sufficient Love has gathered itself within their system, that they also choose to serve from the Angelic Realms. And there is as well, every Particle, that can define itself as Angelic at that very beginning time: those that have Consciousness of lives to be lived as an Evolutionary Soul process.

For there are other particles that take on different journeys, to become matter, to combine themselves in geometric patterns that form physical earth, water, and so forth.

Let yourself become as if you were a Particle, floating in the very Essence of Creation. And you would be Aware of an excitement, of a desire, that there was much to explore, there was much to experience; and there was great Happiness in that place of Wonderment and Anticipation and Joy. And so you would set forth on your travels, allowing yourself to become one so well versed in Love, that you would separate portions of your own Light, to experience in a particular dimensional process such as Earth; whilst the greater Awareness of you (the Higher Self), remains held in the Love of Creator Itself: part of that vast Weave of Blended Light and Love.

Some of those Aspects gather such a strength of Love, that they then become, as the Higher Self. This is the path of the one known to you, as Mary Magdalene. Mary of Magdalea: the port, of which her father was the Captain – the organiser, of the ships that came and went. Much can be said about that Aspect, known as Mary. It is to understand that at the Core, she is one and the same, with that which I AM.

I do not have Particles of my Light in Human form, other than, this one who speaks my words. The portion of energy that was Mary, she has sent forth much divisions of herself, for there was great need for Healing. And in the Love of her Light, she chose particular energy patterns, most often of the female form, although not always, to carry within them the spark of the Goddess, that this spark would ignite at the appropriate time, to send the journey into a form where Love would grow and dwell, and expand, within that one.

She who was Mother Teresa, was one of these; and there are others, who need not be as Mother Teresa, in their level of service. Yet still, when the Magdalene energy stirs within the Being, it is powerful in its force for change. Desire to be of service, grows in grand degree; and there is such a strength of Love that extends itself within the person, within that Human focus, that their journey becomes greatly changed.

Perhaps each of you (those at the live channel), who were indeed present, when she walked Mother Earth’s lands, and who would have stood, perhaps beside her, perhaps part of the crowds that came to hear the young Master, Jesus, speak; and you would have sensed and been touched by, her Light. For she was Truly, the very expression of the Goddess Love.

In your Love, You Are as Strong, as Loving, as Beautiful, as she; for Love knows no boundaries. All That You Are, Becomes, from a single little Particle of Golden Light, and look! How many Golden Particles you are made of now; and each of those has their story to share, their Wisdom, their Love, their Healing.

You are the gathering place, in this time now, for all the Particles your Consciousness has been part of. They are coming into a coalescing within you; and it is for you, to have the courage, to allow for yourself to no longer hold to a tightly constrained focus, of “This is who I am”, but more, to be as one Radiant with Love, willing to explore the bounty within, that these Particles of yours hold.

Light is Consciousness; Particles carry Light. This Light, it has a tone; it has a vibration. That vibration, it is formed in the very Empowerment of Creator Itself. They do not understand lack or fear; they only Know Love.

And there you are, born into this Human embodiment, and there is a system of how life is, that you are taught; and that becomes the form of your experience. You are wearing this body; it is not Who You Are. It is simply the vessel for your Consciousness to experience this plane of reality.

Just as you were placed in the Love of the Great Mother Tree, in All of Creation (in the earlier Meditation): that is the Truth of it. You are able to experience Awareness as you feel yourself willing to Create. When I called to you, to come to the mountaintop of Haleakala, I sent to each of you, a Gift; for your tears, in the Love that was experienced, as you wiped them from your eyes with the white cloths that were used for that purpose, they became the God Colours, of the Lemurian Goddess Light. Each of you in this room, has these colours woven in your energy. Seek out your colour, and allow yourself to express the Beauty of that colour, as your stepping stone, your place, to move yourself beyond Human, and into the very form of Light, that is the Truth of your Goddess energy.

I will take your questions in a moment; and I remind you of the colours of the Goddess Weave, from that Lemurian time. They are transitional colours that will change with the dimensional shift, you are moving through. After its Completion, your colours will appear different to you.

But for now, they are:
the Blue, of Truth, in its purest form;
the Green, of Heart Love;
the Purple of Wisdom – the one who gathers that which can be shared with others for their learning;
that which is Aqua: the Blue of Truth, the Green of Heart Light, elevated to a level where all the senses become One, and one lives in a journey of that which is Heart Truth, and Truth Love.
There is the Violet of the one who travels the dimensions, and returns with that which could be shared;
And there is the Rose: the one who balances; who bridges, Heaven and Earth – always with her feet on Mother Earth’s Beautiful surface, and her Heart, in the Love of the Goddess.
The last one, is what you would term black, or Onyx; and it is the place of service, for it holds all the colours constricted; and it offers whichever colour is needed in the moment. It seeks out the balance of the dark and the Light; it knows the Power of Love, used always in service, to all around them.

These are the seven flows, of the colours of the Lemurian Goddess Light, and as you choose your colour, or it will choose you; each contains its own Gifts; its own lesson plans, its own paths of service. Yet it is when the Weave of all the colours Unites, that the Goddess Light is so empowered in itself, that it can literally Create what it will – always, in greatest Love, in greatest service, and in complete accord, with Divine Love.

That is what I would share with you this day, that you understand, you are more than this Human form: that the Love within you is so great, and that you are discovering it – what a Joy, that is, indeed.

Who would ask a question: you may ask on whatever it is that is of concern to you: who will begin?

Q: I would find it interesting, if you have any information about past lives for me?
M: There is much that can be shared, Dear Heart: may I define it more closely, to that which is of service to you at this time?
Q: Yes.

M: Indeed. In your Heart there is a spark of Light that belongs not to this Realm, not to this planet. It is in the vibration of the element of Fire: that which ignites new journeys into form. It is a place of experience that is not embodied, as a Human would be. It is akin more to the very Essence of Creation Itself: the Plasma – the fields of energy that allow form to – particles that have the capacity to take physical expression: to gather, and to be shaped and molded into forms that are of service in that particular arena.

When you chose to come to Earth, there needed to be a transitional process, for that level of understanding in which you existed in that form, has no direct comparison in a Human embodiment. There was a journey that was taken that took you through many different realms of consciousness. And in the process of your experiential understandings gained through embodying in different ways and forms, in a great vast array of planetary systems, of Suns, it became apparent to you, there was a need for that which would embody in the more Feminine process.

That which you had originated from, it did not have gender. There was however, more of an alignment with that which was of building, of forming, of managing, that can be more defined towards a Masculine process. And yet within it, also there were the sending out of great Loving energies in a more flowing and Feminine orientation; and it was to that orientation that you then chose to place yourself within. And so, you had a time on the planet Venus in the 5th dimension, all the way up to the 7th. And that was very revealing to you: for from that sphere of existence, Earth’s processes could be seen in great Clarity.

To develop as an Earth Human, often there is a testing of the waters by choosing a very simple life to begin such an embodiment process: a place that is perhaps tribal; or of a much less developed form of existence. Yet you had sent your Awareness into the Lemurian times; for not all were embodied much of the time there; those who were of higher dimension, higher energy, they could project their Consciousness in forms that could be seen, and yet not be physically embodied. And so, you journeyed for a time in that form, as somewhat of a Guiding focus: one who was there Truly to learn about that experience; and yet also, to offer what was of your understanding at times.

You have served as one who served the great Goddess Pele – one of the four foundational Goddesses of the Earth plane, who has the Gift of Fire, as her element; and it is usually to Fire, that you are drawn. In this life, you have chosen to align more with the element of Water: that there be a balancing of the heat, with the coolness, and the flowing Light of Consciousness, that Water carries; the freeing of the emotional understanding, and so forth.

You have not had so many lives on this plane; and it does not serve for you to delve into them in great degree. Let yourself extend your Awareness into the flowing of Light, in the form of the elemental energies, of Fire, of Water, of Air, of Earth; and of that which is termed Ether: the invisible plane of Consciousness, where a meeting takes place, between all levels of Light. I Trust that serves, Dear Heart.

Q: Yes, Thank you.
M: Is it not appropriate, that we have this Beautiful water, out there? (view of Sydney Harbour from the venue)
Q: Yes!

M: Who else would have a question, Dear Hearts?

Q: Yes, I have a question – mine is a couple of things: firstly to do with my Goddess Light: during the Meditation, I saw a Beautiful bright Turquoise colour, it was really strong, it was kind of metallic; and when you mentioned the seven different colours, I guess it resonated most with Aqua, the blending of the blue and the green;
M: Indeed;
Q: Oh that’s good; and the Heart Truth, the Truth Heart, is part of me also. The second part of my question is to do with I guess my service here; and it does feel mostly like to me just to be really centered in the Heart space, and being that Open Heart, and Being that Loving Presence; I feel I am continuing to do that. I guess my question is, how might that unfold; and also, I have a new partner, and how that is in connection with him, and how we move forward in our service together, I feel that there is some connection in how we all be of service together in that Loving, Open, Joyful Heart space.

M: Indeed, there are many questions there. I will begin with the colour Aqua: for the Aqua Goddess is one who revels in the senses; who feels the Beauty of the vision, of the sound, of the touch, of all of the senses – it is a very sensual process; and through the melding of the senses, comes into understanding, into Consciousness, a higher level of Love, in relation to whatever the issue is of concern.

You have this Gift, very much within you, to let yourself stretch out beyond this physical process, and blend with that which is of the Goddess energy, of the Divine: be it of Masculine or Feminine, or Universal – it matters not.

That which you are in the Goddess vibration, in which you have existed for a very long time; for there are those who are Goddess by virtue of being female, and there are those who Honour the Goddess Light; who seek out Wisdom in the paths of the Goddess – not as a religious process, but as the deepening Awareness of the Power of Love, and of the many forms in which it can be understood on this Earth plane.

You in your Love, have such a Beauty of Heart Light: always it is your desire to share from that place; and at times, there has been a curtailing of that path – not only in this life, in others as well. And so there has been a hesitancy: “Where do I flourish; where do I focus?” Have you felt this, for yourself Dear Heart?

Q: Yes.

M: In that place, there is also an opening; a possibility, that can enter into the journey. And it is a place where That Which You Are, whispers softly to you: “Let us play in this place”. And so, there is that notion that Who You Are, has lived Beautifully in the Human world, with your children, with your life, as you have lived it, and also with the support of the Loving partnership process.

A Goddess always should be Loved, by those who are with her; for the Love that she gives in return, is limitless. And often, those of the masculine world do not understand the extent of the Love of the Goddess Light. In seeking to understand it, oftentimes, there is a containing of that energy, a holding of it into a form that is deemed acceptable. For your partnership now, let it be a place where you are, the one who is put in a place of Honour; and that the one who is with you, provides the strength of Love, that is the foundation for that which you Create. That is the path that is before you: it is not so much of partnership of each being the Focus; it is a partnership that is of such Honouring and Love, that it is willing to support and nurture fully, that which You Are. The path for you in that place, is to bring forth of your Gifts: of Beauty of the Heart, of the connection that you have, with those who are with you, in whatever form pleases you to do so. Does this answer your questions, Dear Heart?

Q: Thank you, yes: it does feel something I’ve felt.

M: Who else would ask a question?

Q: I have a question; I also have two parts to it, if I may?
M: Indeed, we are small in number today: it is appropriate.

Q: My main question is what is my life purpose; in connection, in conjunction with that question, I feel I am drawn to the colour purple, to see if that’s true, if you can validate that or otherwise; and also, will I be doing the right thing as I…(tears)
M: Dear Heart, it is all right. Indeed, it is the Love that you are feeling.
Q: Sorry…I am just contemplating ending my marriage, and I just want to know if it’s the right thing to do.

M: When a Goddess is not happy in her life, there is the need to recognise the closing of a Cycle. Would you feel, for yourself, that you have Completed, what can be Created with this one who has been your partner? That is the question to ask, Dear Heart: “Have I reached a place where there is no more to learn with this one; where I am no longer choosing to be held in the space that is the form of my experience with this one. Do I long for freedom, to explore other journeys; other ways of Being?”

Truly, listen within to the journey of your own Heart: not to the bitterness, or the pain, or the anger or guilt, or whatever it is in such a situation – and I am speaking in general terms, Dear Heart. Beneath all of that, what is the longing, that you have? What is it, that you would desire to have your life become? What have you been unable to consider Creating, because it would not be in agreement with the one whom you have been with?

And as you turn yourself literally, so that your Heart is on the outside, and not the inside, that which is in the Heart, it is the Guiding Force: it is the Truth of You, that speaks.

There is that tendency to shield the Heart from hurt; to not want to cause waves, dissonance, discord; and yet the more that you shield and hold your Truth in a compressed state, there comes a place when it can be compressed no more, and it will come out of you. For All That You Are, will speak, and will say, very firmly, “That is not your path, to be in that form, any more.” And so life will change around you; and it is because you have not had the courage or the willingness, to live this way, when it is how a Goddess lives.

The colour Purple, it is the Blue of Heart Truth, and the Rose Light of balance. It is a place of being in Love with Mother Earth; also, in the Love of the Divine – that is the Rose; and it is that desire to seek out what is Truth for you; and those colours come together, in a Beautiful outpouring of Loving Wisdom. It is a Beautiful path, Dear Heart, and one that will suit you well.

The purpose, let it be that: that you are in a place of transition, where you are seeking out, “Where is my Truth?” Yet remember, that you also have the Gift of connection to the Divine, and to Mother Earth; and when you go out into nature. When you sit in Beautiful Honouring of the Love that exists within you, the Love of our Creator Source, taking yourself into the place where you are a Particle, floating in that immense, unlimited Love, you will always discover your Truth there.

There is a need for writing, Dear Heart: you have been a Scribe in other times; and it has put into your journey a system of comfort with that process; of recording the thoughts. And let it also be a place where you pose your question to the Light, and allow the Light to bring you thoughts, that you write down, in answer. Would you do that, Dear Heart?

A: Yes, I will.

M: And it is to take a Beautiful Blossom; when it can be a Rose, that is in Perfection, yet other Blooms also, each has their own Beauty, and each carries Love. Let there always be a Blossom, on your table, where you can see it; and let it bring to you, the Love of Mother Earth. That from much disarray at times, always, that which is Beautiful, surfaces, and shows itself in all of its Magnificence, and Beauty, and Innocence, of Love. Does that serve you, Dear Heart?

Q: Thank you, very much; yes, it has put a lot of things in perspective – thank you.

M: Who has not asked a question yet?
Q: I haven’t asked anything yet.
M: Indeed. Would you care to, Dear Heart?
Q: I would like to, but I have no clue where to start. I just seem to be – I feel very conflicted within myself of late, as I have spoken to you perhaps of before; and I feel that a lot of my energy gets just lost in my confusion, as to where to put my energy. I have pretty high expectations of myself, and I just want to get more Clarity.

M: Indeed, Dear Heart. Wherever there is a Particle of the vibration of Love that is of the Magdalene energy, there is a strong desire to clean house, to sweep the floors clean , of all that has been, and to put the life into a new pattern. This is what is arising within you right now: that there is a new life to be begun; and yet, here you are, in this journey as it is right now. And one part of you, it wants to sweep everything away; and yet, there is great Love, in places in your life that you would choose to hold to.

Listen to the voice of the Goddess within you, as a place of Honouring, that you are at a transition place between a new place beginning, and the old being released, in a much greater strength than it has been, til now – in a form that you are no longer concerned, as to what has been, for that which is ahead, appears to you so Loving and fulfilling, that you willingly walk towards it.

How do you define that, how do you find it, how do you move in that direction? It comes not with a great worry of transition, transformation: for you, it comes with little steps; and then perhaps a waiting; and then more steps, perhaps bigger ones than before; and then there is another settling place; and then there is another set of steps. And then you feel that you are back where you began – and yet, are you? No, Dear Heart. It is at a different level.

You can choose to take a much grander approach to your life, by saying to yourself, “That which I AM: I have come to express this Beautiful Presence That I AM, onto this Planet’s energy; to participate indeed, with a great many, who are on a similar path to my own. I can choose to connect more deeply, with others; I can choose to be the Teacher who Guides them; I can choose to be the one who simply Celebrates Life as I experience it each day. I can decide, that I have Knowledge within me, that needs to be shared”, Dear Heart.

And it is not to allow the compression to remain, but to seek out the places of expansiveness, and to play there. That is what I can offer to you, Dear Heart; for it is an individual process, where you are concerned; and indeed, for All, Truly.

You have such a Power of Love woven into your very Essence, and it wants to be freed, to play.

Q: What is the compression; why is it difficult for me to let that go?
M: Always it comes from the learnings of the child, Dear Heart; from the fears placed into the Consciousness. As you choose to define yourself not as the child – indeed, Love that child; Honour it; Love all that it feels. Yet it is to hold to, that you are not only that child; that there is much more of you, that is not afraid; that longs to experience in new ways; and that the child will be Loved, and will be safe, throughout all processes. When the child within understands that, the freedom grows. Does this serve you, Dear Heart?

Q: Yes – I could probably ask a million more questions; but yes, yes, for now, thank you.

M: It is for you a place of personal exploration right now, and were I to define it for you, I would take from you that which you would gain in this process. I can, however, give to you a hint: that would be, look onto the expression of your own Beautiful Creativity: you have such talents; such capacity to Create.

Q: Why don’t I? I’ve got my easel sitting in my lounge room – I very rarely go near it. What’s holding me back?

M: The desire for perfection, Dear Heart. Let it go, and Be, that you are a Butterfly; and bring forth the meandering and the playing, of the Butterfly; or some other form of imagery, that to you is of Freedom and Joy; of simple pleasures; of delights, as a child would. Perhaps for some, it is to paint an ice cream cone; for some, it may be some playground of some kind – I do not understand such things. It is for you in your Human process, to bring forth that which is of simple, playful pleasuring, of delight of Mother Earth. How would that be, Dear Heart?

Q: Yes, I totally agree with you.
M: Do not make of it work, that must be of perfectness: let it be the playful splodging onto the paper with all the colours that you have in your palette, just for fun – just to play! There will take form a desire to extend this particular colour, in this way, and so forth; you understand, Dear Heart.
Q: Yes, I just need to do it, absolutely
M: Put on some pretty music – something that brings freedom, Dear Heart; it is a lot of fun. And there may come a time, when you can do this for others, Dear Heart; perhaps. It will be for you, to choose your path.

In Closing then, this day: all that is of importance, of all that I have spoken of, is to feel yourself to BE, that Beautiful Blossoming of the Light Particle of Creator; that yes, it has done journeys that have left their mark; but it is still that Beautiful, Precious, Presence of Light and Love. That will not change, no matter what body you wear, what form you take.

Seek out that place within you, and let it Guide you, into more of yourself; into bringing into your Awareness, more of Who You, Truly Are. For that is the journey in these times now. It is not to be governed by the Truth of another; it is not to let yourself follow the path that is laid out before you, unless it is what Truly resonates in your Heart to Create.

And I will speak for my Medium, in saying to you thus: were you to journey with the Principles of Lemurian Light, that we will share in bringing forth in the next month, together, it will serve you well to discover within yourself, more of that place of understanding.

It is ever a privilege to journey with you. There will be other times; yet, I will take a hiatus, a place of rest, from the journey of Mediumship with this one, after the teachings of the Principles, in this next month; for she too, has much to discover of her own Gifts, in her Love.

Not a one of you is spared this path in these times; for it is a Beautiful opportunity; a Grand Potential, with the Light that is streaming onto this planet, and all in this portion of your Galaxy, to lift yourselves out of the journey you have found yourself within; and into a greater Awareness of your own Light, and of the Power of Your Love, to Create: to Share in that Love; to come together in Love, to Create. For when Humans learn that process, that understanding, there will be little to hold them from very expansionary paths of great Love.

And Truly, so it is.

Apologies…no transcript is available for the October 4th 2015 session due to several technical difficulties.



13th September 2015

Kirribilli, Sydney, Australia

Greetings, Beloved Ones: I AM Mufa. And in this journey this day, the message is a simple one.

For your Beloved Earth is in the path of a great deal of change; of transformative frequencies, that will seemingly overnight, Shift the Consciousness of many.

“How will this be? For I know my world to be of this form.”

It is the Gift of Creator. It is something that Mother Earth and Humanity has been preparing for. And it is appropriate, that it take place in this time now. For while there have been other opportunities, they have been set aside. For it was desired by the vibration of your planet that all who could traverse this shifting of frequency, be allowed to do so.

Each of you who is here in this room – as always, those of you who come to listen to words such as my own; those who will read them, in the time to come: you are the ones who are at the very point of this change. You are the ones who have come to this planet, in this embodiment, to be that front focus of change.

As you live your lives, there are places where you find you do not fit into the boxes of Human thought. There are places where you have Knowing, that this is not the path to take, for One who would Live in Truth; in direct connection with Source, and to express the Beauty of that which is within. In your hearts, there are places of Longing for another experience; another understanding of life: where people do not war; there is no hunger; there is very little, if any, suffering. And so, you hold to that place as something that perhaps it will come; perhaps I am just silly for thinking in this way. It is not silly; and it is time.

You are at the very cusp, of a great deal of that which comes as a Gift. It is an offering; it is not forced upon you; it is for you to choose to reach into that Cup, and take from it what you need; what you would choose to receive. And the place of decision is Love. “Is it Loving for myself to do this?”

And where the answer is “Yes!”, you will find that your Embodiment fills with Love, to a strength you have not understood before. You begin to vibrate Beautiful colours: colours that others, also moving through their transition, can see, quite clearly. You will become conscious of those not embodied; from the Spirit world, from those of other dimensions, who have come to aid in this time: to take you by the hand, and to say “Be not afraid, for I am here to show you, what is your path; how you may choose to become, now.” For there is much learning that will be there, in those beginning stages.

As you move yourself into this place of great Love, you will be filled with so much Compassion, for those who have not chosen to participate. And you will reach out your arms to them, you will want to hold them, and bring them to share in this new place. Those whom you Love, most often, will come forward. It must be their choosing, Dear Hearts.

They will be given many choices; many opportunities. There will be those amongst you, who will choose to be there, at particular locations, to Inform, to Guide, to Heal, to Share; and others of you will go ahead and become Teachers; will become Wayshowers, of how to be in this New Energy, once you have understood it for yourselves.

Those who are at the very tip of this process: you have far more within you than you understand right now. You have Wisdom, that has created in so many Beautiful ways, time after time, for people on planets such as Earth, going through this Great Leap in Consciousness.

The Gift of this time: it is of the Goddess Weaves; for it is a gentleness, yet it is also a strength. It nurtures, uplifts, and reforms that which is not of Love, into Love again. It is a Healing process, where you will be asked, “what is your choosing?”; and you will Know, within yourself, your answer, for All That You Are, participates with you, in such a time. It is not left to the Human Consciousness alone, although it is given the priority to make the choice that stands before it.

Be understanding, that the third dimensional process, on many systems, many planets, it is not held to the level of extremes as it has been, on Earth. It is time for closure. It is time to enjoy a new process; and for those who are not ready to move themselves into this next place of their experience, they will be in a Beautiful experiential understanding of the third dimension that has so much less fear; much diminished suffering – only that which is chosen for their growth by them, not that which is part of the system of the planet; for there is a difference, Dear Hearts.

I have come forward to speak to you in this way of these changes now, for it is time to know of them. The preparation that can be done, is to live each day in your Truth, in your Love.; to be Compassionate, with those around you, who are moving themselves in great rapidness through their own journeys of Healing, to be ready. To be Compassionate with the Self, that questions, “How can this be? This world, it is so physical, it is so structured; and I am one of few, who would look to the presence of this level of change.”

It is to understand that much has been held from you, in information, in your full Gifts and capacities in this Human experience. And there is as well, a very limited understanding of the intensity, of the Profoundness of Love that exists, that is part of you, that you are part of – that Truly, you cannot be separate from. No matter how dark the deeds one may perform, still, they are part of Creation; and there is always a path to take, that brings the journey into a more Loving alignment.

What is the role of the Goddess on Earth at this time? It is to live, and to breathe, Love. It is to Celebrate the Beauty, that is everywhere, when one has eyes to look for it, and to see. It is to enjoy the embodiment that you are within, and yet also, allow of the Self the Freedom to move beyond it, with your Consciousness. It is to Co-Create with others sharing the same Vision: the Intention, to live in Peace and in Love. By holding to such thoughts, in forms that are your Truth: that is what allows for this Transition process to move much more smoothly, than otherwise it may.

The Lemurians lived communally, in small communities. They lived in large family: extended family groupings, but also several of those families would join together, and they would choose to go out to find the most Beautiful place in which to dwell; and there they would look into the Love of Mother Earth, and they would seek out ways to enhance her Beauty, to bring greater Joy and Harmony to that place. And when they were content with that process, they would then seek out other places where there was disharmony, and they would send their Love to those places – singly, yes, but also, in large Gatherings, where all would vibrate to a single Tone, and the Gift of that Tone would resonate out.

They would send their Consciousness to the other cultures, other races; further out in the Galaxy, in other Universes, it mattered not, for Consciousness can be, wherever it chooses to be. There they would look, at how the society was structured: what could be brought back? Perhaps forms of Healing; perhaps ways of thinking; perhaps understanding more deeply, the Beauty of All That Is.

This is what your Earth is moving into again; and it is the Gift of the Lemuria Lights, and of each of you who were there, in at least some of those incarnate times, to bring into this time, the Beauty of Love that flows Unconditionally; and to hold to, what it is to Deeply Love.

That is why I have come to share with you, in this time now: for the Lemurian societies prepared for this time. For it was known, that they would reach Completion at a particular point; for Mother Earth had her journey to continue as a third dimensional process for a time. And there were forces that were seeking to control and to destroy, that which was not in their pattern.

And so the Lemurians put into place energy, deep into Mother Earth. They put their Love into the Great Whales; the Dolphins as well, when they came, in their time, to Earth. And most of all, they chose to incarnate when the Shift would come to Mother Earth again: that they would aid, simply by their presence on the planet. And where they would Awaken to understand that they were standing very near the front of consciousness, of Awareness of the changes to come – then, they would choose for themselves, how to Be, in that time.

In that Light then, I would ask for your questions; bring them forth without concern; and allow yourself to feel the Beauty of the Lemurian Love that is here in this room; that you are part of; that you will always be a participant in; regardless of when and where you would journey further. It is there in the Akash; and it is part of you.

I understand there is a question to be asked, and if you would be so kind as to read it, Dear Heart.

Q: Thank you for the opportunity. Beloved Chancellor/Mufa is there any Guidance you would offer me on my journey of upliftment at this time? What is unfolding for me? Love you ALL.

M: Indeed. This Precious Heart who asks this question has gone through a great strength of transition in their own path. What is before you, is a place of understanding, that that which seems like a standing still, is not. It is an intensity of preparation that is going on beneath the Consciousness level. What this Transition is Creating, is a place to be one who will take their place as the Guiding Focus they had chosen to become before incarnating, in the form of discovering first within the Self, the Beauty of her own Heart; and allowing that Beauty to be unfolding.

Not to be waiting for this or for that to happen; but to allow for the Self to look at Self with Love; and observe the changes, the subtle shifts that are taking place within. Within the next year, perhaps two at most, she will take her place amongst those who would share their Love with those ready to receive it. But for now, it is a time of preparation for her. Thank you for that question, for it is one that is applicable to many; however, in this room there are those with questions, and I would answer those at this time*. Who will begin?

Q: I will; Thank you, Chancellor. There is great talk of a big financial restructuring which sounds pretty scary on a lot of fronts, which is supposed to take place at the end of this month; and I understand that from now on, I guess there will be Disclosure and all sorts of things to take place; and you’ve probably covered it in what you’ve said, but can you please give us a little bit of advice here?

M: Indeed, Dear Heart. There is, you might say, a grand place of extremes on this planet: there are those who hold to control, and there are those who are ready for change. They do not understand that they are the same. And so, on the surface, there is this pulling, this movement, here, and back, and there again. They are not moving their positions, very much at all, as yet. There are places where some find ways to come closer together, but for the most part, right now, they are in their separate encampments.

What is happening in that process is much talk to create fear, and there is also talk that asks for no fear. And there you stand, and you are wondering, which way do I look at this process? It is to recognise, that fear is there within; so too, is the Love. What will happen, is not ordained as such, that on this date, this would take place – it is not like that.

It is what is in the Human Hearts as a Collective, that will determine this process in fullest degree. Yet there are those who are pulling the strings from this side and from that. Who is coming out on top, is the Human concern; and I would say, it is not about that.

It is to hold to, that you yourself, Are of Creator; that you have, what you have yourself Created; what you have put together, what you have not, at times. That is your place, right now. From this place, do you choose to focus on one of the extremes, or will you be one to say, I do not concern myself with this volatility: I Know, that my path will be as I choose it to be; and perhaps that choice may be, to Be more in Love, Dear Heart.

In answer to the concerns, for I understand them well, for my Medium too, has been much concerned: let it be understood, that the choices that are made, are perfect for you. You are very much Aware of the Love you are held within: Trust in that. There are no wrong choices that can be made: there can only be that which you are happy with; that you would choose to Celebrate; for when it is done, it is done: let it come forth, from that point. You have no cause for fear, Dear Heart, none at all.

Who else would ask a question?

Q: I would like to ask: I feel a bit lost in my career; and I am not very much able to find a way out of it and get a breakthrough; I have tried to do some things, and its really not working for me. I really need some clear Guidance and a different direction on where to head: how do I take my first step, and how do I proceed?

M: Indeed. This is a question that is in the minds of many. For in these times of great transition, it is as though all the cards are thrown into the air, and they are looking for places to land, yet the landing place is not there yet. And so you are there, and you are holding to, “This is the structure: this is how it must be; and I must find a place in this structure.” And yet, in your Heart, you Know, it is not the right place to be. For the place that you would enJoy to be, it is one of those cards, looking for the place to Be.

What can be done, is to choose that which pleases you the most at this time; knowing that it is in transition; knowing, that it is not to look to a long term future; or to plan this or that in great degree in the years to come. It is to be, as you would be, right now.

You have a Gift of discerning the movement of energy. Perhaps you have used it in your workplace, to understand what would be coming forward as the way to go, or what would be the new trend, or the new focus in some form. Have you found this to be so, Dear One?

Q: Yes, sometimes.

M: Trust in that. This Gift that you have: you are able to stand back, and to not be in an energy flow, but to be observing that. Look to that Gift as your foundation, in what you choose to do. As well, there is a company that is not so large; it has 5-6 employees, and you would be very happy to be amongst them. Seek it out, Dear Heart, if that is your choosing.

Who else would ask a question at this time?

Q: I’m finding it a bit difficult I guess, to let go of some of the pain I have experienced in the past; and I tend to when I am feeling in a not so happy space or place, that I want to go back to those times when I was hurt; and then I get upset with myself for allowing the past to interfere with my present, and I sometimes want to blame my mother, or my ex-husband, for my feelings in the now. And I understand intellectually that that’s not serving me, but knowing it is one thing, and being able to let go is something different.

M: Indeed it is, Dear Heart. That which was hurt at that time, it does not understand the why of the hurt, clearly enough yet. It is looking for that information to be put into a form that it can comprehend. And it is not of great intellectual complexity, it is in very simple terms.

There is a place where you have moved through much pain. And you have understood that it is not your fault; nor is it that of the others concerned. And yet, there is a place that says “I do not choose to be hurt again; and I am going to make sure it does not happen”, by holding you into a pattern that does not allow for new patterns to form in your Being.

Allow yourself to take that part of you as there; as real; and listen with your Heart: to the concern, to the fear, that the bad times will come again. And it is to say “The Love that I AM now: the Love that is ever-present within me, that is All That I AM; the Love of those who Guide me, unseen: All of us, we are equally determined, that hurt will not be our path in that form again.”

Have there been times, Dear One, when you have moved beyond a place of hurt; where you felt there was no more that needed to Heal from it?

Q: Yes

M: Bring this place of memory, where you were confident of your Healing, to this one who questions still, your path within you. And it is to say: “In this case, there was Healing; and now, it is time for us to let this go as well.”

Your Higher Self is standing right in front of you. It wants to take your pain, to transform it, Dear Heart. Would you give to your Higher Self your pain – not just now, but in your quiet time, when you are alone? Give it to your Higher Self; and Receive the Embrace of that Self; of All who Love you.

For it is to understand there is a New Energy now: that yes, as a Human Consciousness you have been taught to be separate: Sovereign, and Divine, in Your Self – and You Are. Yet as well, you are literally woven, at very intricate and complex levels of Light and Love, with All that You have been; All that You will become; and with Source Itself.

And so it is, that you as this complex of energy, have such a Strength of Love, that you can choose your path, in confidence, that always you will meet whatever challenges arise, as this combined Presence: this Totality of understanding; even when it feels to you that you are acting as this body focus alone.

The more you hold to thoughts of this form, the more aid and Love you will Receive: that is my promise, Dear Heart.

Does this meet your question?

Q: I think I might have to listen to it again; but I understand, to a point.

M: What is the holding place, Dear Heart; for you are not alone in this; there are many.

Q: Yeah, I guess its so complex – I feel like I’ve been on this journey for a long time, and it should be – there are no should either; I guess perhaps I feel, that I was hoping that it would be – I would be in a better place perhaps than I am now; not saying that things aren’t perfectly fine as they are, life’s not bad! But I still have a lot of emotional baggage, I feel, that I carry around with me, that makes it hard for me to enjoy my experience of Being Human.

M: It is to look at that one who is holding to that baggage with both hands, and saying, “I need this, to be defended; I need this: it is my safety.” And to discover a path that offers safety, to that one. You will find it, indeed, in the words spoken, Dear Heart.

Q: Umhmm. And could I also ask about the food intolerance that I experience?

M: With the different – with the changes in the vibrational energies of Earth, there is a refinement that is taking place; and what your body no longer desires, is what no longer serves it. Let yourself choose to enJoy, what IS available, that your body enJoys, Dear Heart. It is a matter of focus: Creating the place of comfort, rather than the feeling of being “put somewhere” that you do not desire to be.

How do you make that Shifting? It is a choosing, Dear Heart. It is to Celebrate the bigger picture; and it is also to Celebrate the path of resistance; for it has enJoyed previous experiences; it has found Joy in certain times and places, and so forth. They are done; they are Complete: you have Learned, all that you needed to, from them. That which feels the discomfort, does not understand that yet. But it will.

I will ask for two more questions, Dear Hearts, before we complete this journey today.

Q: I am wondering, should I move out very soon from where I am, in the nursing home?
M: The question to ask, Dear Heart, is “Is it your desire, to do so?”
Q: Yes.

M: Then that is what you would do, is it not. For the journey that you have been on, is reaching a time, where the transition in your physical vessel, will rapidly move forwards to a more comfortable space for you. And your surroundings will then reflect that new-found capacity for enJoyment.

The struggle you have been on, is immense. And you are much Loved, for the Beauty with which you have met your journey. Time after time, always, you have found a way to Be in Love.

That is why, in All That You Are, there is a seeking out of that which serves you the most: that brings the greatest Joy and Love to the surface – to the fore. It will come in unexpected ways; you cannot plan it; yet you can hold to, that this is your path to take; and that despite appearances, it will arise. And observe, with Love in your Heart, what happens around you. That is the message, Dear Heart, for you this day.

Q: Thank you.
M: Indeed. I, Mufa, am Honoured, by your Fortitude, and your Love.

M: Was there another question?

Q: Ah yes; mine was similar to the one before about career, and the path from here-on – not here-on, but just what to move to next. There is awareness of a lot of abilities and energy, and a willingness to make an impact and do things, but a very unclear path as to where to go from here, so your Guidance on that would be much appreciated, Thank you.

M: Indeed, Dear Heart. Are you aware of Gandalf, the Magician? In the Lord of the Rings, Dear One?
Q: Ah yes, yes.

M: In another time and place, you were one who led a band of Adventurers into processes that caused great growth, as you watched over their path. And in this life, you decided you would step back; and you would simply observe, without the need to manage others into a pattern of some sort. That is how you have been, Dear Heart.

There is a decision place that is very near in your future. You will be given an opportunity to start a new venture. That venture, let it sit in your Heart, to see if it pleases you. There is no need for concern that you would lead others astray, in any form. For always, when one is a guiding focus for others, there is a transfer of responsibility from them to you. And in this life, in this time, you would not choose that path.

And so it is to look for places, where that which you would offer, is unconditionally given, to allow whatever comes forth, to come forth from it, without needing to hold it into a particular path. There is great freedom in that; for it is then that you are free to choose for yourself what pleases you, and from that place, to allow it to extend out to others, wherever that is appropriate in your eyes.

No longer Gandalf: but perhaps, like the small Being of the Star Wars (Yoda), that sat there and imparted great Wisdom. Let that be your role model, Dear Heart; if you so choose.

Q: It sounds like fun!

M: There it is.

In closing then, it is to understand, that not one of your paths is identical. There is always the Beauty of your own Light; that perhaps is not always Appreciated to the fullest degree. All That You Are, is here as a Gift; for your own Evolution, Yes – but most of all, to be So in Love: to feel; to transform; to bring forth Love, wherever there is that potential. That is the Essence of it.

Upon that, is then placed the role you have chosen to play, in this game, of Life on Planet Earth, during this Shift in Consciousness. This role, it is not fixed: it is open to many potentials.

Always within You, is Your Truth.
Always within You, is Your total of experiences: Your Wisdom; Your Knowingness: let it come out.

Create opportunities for those still times, when You are in Communion, with All That You Are; that this place of Your Wisdom, can bring forth its Gifts.

There will be simple, practical insights to your daily journey; issues of concern to you. Yet let there also be, that place of Oneness.

For that is the Truth; that is the EmPowerment: that is the place where Human and Spirit are One. And in that place, Dear Hearts, that is where the magic unfolds. For you will Know what is right, in your own understanding: what is appropriate: what is the choice that You would make. Only You, can determine that for Yourself.

Yet remember as well, that you have with you, more, than most times you are aware of. And all of those Ones: those parts of You, those Aids and Helpers across the dimensions: they are waiting, and wanting, to serve.

When you make this transition from the third to the fourth Focus, life is still much the same in some ways: you live, you eat, you sleep, you connect, you Love. Yet what is different, is the strength of your Knowing of your Connectedness to Source; (and to) the Beauty of Mother Earth’s Love, that provides your Potentials in physical ways, and in other ways as well. You will feel the connection with All of Life, just as the Lemurians did. And so, you will not want to make choices, that will harm others: nothing could be further from your desires.

That is the place of those who Guide you, from at least the 4th and beyond – most often, much higher. They could not harm you, they could not control you, they could not do anything to put you into a pattern you did not choose for yourself. They would not want to incur the balancing of that.

Have the courage not only to listen, to ones such as I, speaking through another Embodiment, but to the ones who would speak to you through your thoughts, through your Heart, through little things to notice each day; for the barriers, the veils, that once were very deep and strong, they are now so thin: and it is your thought, that takes you from one to the next.

Remember, that Love always: it is the Beauty of Life; it is the Joy of the Soul; and it is the very EmPowerment of All That You Are.

For Truly, so it is.

* Question received with payment for “virtual” attendance from long term client.



23rd August 2015

Kirribilli, Sydney, Australia

The Chancellor

Greetings: I AM indeed, Mufa; and I Greet you in great Reverence, Honouring, and Love. For those of you who are here this day, who are here in the embodiment, shall indeed be the recipients of great Love. Those who will read the words in the later time, shall receive as well.

It is you who have come in answer to the call, to bring forth of your Love to this Planet and her Peoples: you are the ones, who will receive in full measure. There shall be no stone unturned, to have you understanding the power of your Love to Create this chosen journey for each of you.

There is on this Earth plane, such a strength of compression: what does it take to lift yourselves out of that place? It takes Love. This Love that I speak of, it is the very expression within you, of your own connection, your own portion – the particles of your Love that ARE Creator Source.

This is not something that is easy to understand, much of the time. “How could I do this or that? How could I do my journey be in this form, when I would have it be, in that form?” “And yet I strive to live in Love; I strive to Create what I perceive is the Gift of my energy – of my Love.”

Set forth, that which you would choose: to Embody, to Create; to Share; to EnJoy. You now, more than ever before on this Planet, have so many wanting to serve. They are so in Honour of the courage that it takes simply to be embodied in this density. For yes, indeed, most have done their journeys in such forms of experience. Yet Mother Earth is unique. She has allowed for such a development to arise without going through the cleansing that ordinarily would have taken place, at that intensity of imbalance. She has done so through her Love; and indeed, through the support of those who have incarnated, those who have held her in Love; those from other worlds, who have aided her, in their various ways.

And now it is coming to the place where that which has been held compressed, can be ignited, into its new form, that holds so much greater freedom of Being; of experiencing; and most of all, of Love. How do you get there? You allow it.

When you would be in your Meditation place, are you willing to blend, with All That You ARE? Some of you indeed, do it even now; others, not so much. And as you would blend, with All That You Are, seek not the remedy, for that which ails you, so much as to Celebrate your ReUnion. For while you are not in Truth separate, it will feel that way at first. And as you Celebrate the Beauty of All That You Are, within you: of All who would be with you, in their Love, to serve your path, there is no diminishing of your Inner Self. It is a place where you are in Equal Co-Creation, together; and in that United Force of Love, your journey will come into the alignments, that you would have it be.

They are not there to hold you from your path: they are there to give you a great push, into All that you can be, in these times. Have the courage to reach out with your energy: to say, “Yes! I AM here; and I Know, that You are, as well. Let us come together, in the Oneness of our Love.”

Open your Heart; allow your energy to expand; and allow what is there, to Be in Love with you. That is the greatest Gift, you can bring to yourself in these times.

There is such a strength of commitment by those of Love and Light, to have this Planet move through her journey in the greatest performance possible: that All that is of Love, sings together, in a Beautiful Symphony of expansiveness, and Transformation.

You are part of this process, by being here, embodied on Earth. Your task, is to release the fears. When you allow All That You Are, and All who are with you, in Love, to be part of this process, how can fear remain? It cannot.

In the Lemurian journey, there were those who held back from such processes, at various times. They wanted to experience physicalness: they wanted to experience the body: what could be done with the body. And yet, they found there was something missing. They needed to be in the Embrace of Spirit, for the body to be at its very best. As they performed their tasks, they found yes, their mind could travel wherever it was needed for it to go. Yet it was the Spirit within them, that allowed for that to happen. And when they united their senses, All that they were, All that they could be, and then began their new adventure, it was a Beautiful process – both the getting to that place, and the arrival there. For the Gifts could be understood, so much more.

What is happening on your Earth now, is that people are feeling that need to discover their Gifts – what is their path; what is their Passion? It is already waiting. When you Create a Loving thought – that thought, it moves outwards; and it seeks out all potentials. When you Love to Create something, it empowers it; it brings it into a focus that is so vibrant, it can take form; it can be manifested so much more.

To release that which has covered over the Heart and all those thoughts of Creation: let it go! You have done the work; you have put all your energy into Creating whatever it is that you have experienced. Now it is time to take out that place of your experiences: perhaps you might have it in a jar, or some vessel; and look upon it, with your Love. When you bring your Love to that, it is Complete: it is done. And you are free, to step forth, with a new jar, a new vessel, to fill it in new ways. Have you your jar ready? Or is it hidden, behind you somewhere? Bring it forth: let it stand prominently before you. Let it be full of the most Beautiful experiences and potentials.

That in itself, is a Gift: to Mother Earth, to all of Humankind. Do not worry how this will be fulfilled; for it is, as you look upon it with eyes of Love, that it becomes what it must be. That you understand; that you are not the down-trodden one any more: you are the very EmPowerment of Spirit itself.

It does not matter, if you know exactly Who You Are, or not. Each of you, has Power; each of you, has Love. And when you bring your focus of Love, it is a strength: it is, powerful. Bring it into form through expression of what you would Create. (Expressing your intentions for Creation).

It is not time to stand back, and allow others, possibly, to take their path before you. You do not serve by hiding, any more. It took time, to have my Medium willing to share the most personal information to her, with you. I asked it of her, to have it be an example: that each of You, IS of Love; each of You, has Beauty; each of You, has so much Wisdom and experience, from All That You Are; and it is time to allow it to Shine. If not now, when? Dear Hearts: let it be now.

I will take your questions in a moment; but first, I would ask of you this: as you look within your own awareness, bring out all that is not of Love, and place it into the centre of this room, and I will transform it: right here, right now. Allow it to be magnetized from you, to simply release of its own accord: that which has troubled you; that which no longer serves. And indeed, hold to, that you have done so: you have let it go.

And bring before you, in your awareness, the most Beautiful vessel, your mind can conjure….is it crystal? Is it coloured? Is it Light? How is it formed? Let yourself Create, in your awareness, the most Beautiful vessel.

Let it be filled with the Light of your True Being: of All That You Are.

And now, allow this vessel – shrink it if necessary, and put it into your Heart Centre.
And allow this Light, that you have Honoured, as your own, to fill you, and take you even more, into your own Beauty; into Your Love; into that, which brings You, Joy. For Truly, So It IS.

Now…Who would be willing to bring forth questions?

Q: May I ask one?
M: Indeed.
Q: Thank you so much for this opportunity. Its my highest excitement right now, to acquire more knowledge about what is known as Shangri La, or Shamballa; would you be able to please let me know more about that place? Thank you.

M: There are many places that moved into an Etheric nature, to be Sanctuaries; places where those of Love could express and experience the Beauty of Light Itself; and to express that Beauty of Love, out. To be anchor points for Love to enter into the physical body of the Planet, and also those of the people who would receive.

There is much awareness of “Cities of Light”, as they are called. What are they? They are places for Consciousness to align together in what the Lemurians would speak of as a Mastermind. It is a shared desire to Create that which serves a particular journey; and indeed, it is a place where many come to learn, and to understand how Light and Love Create and are used and can be brought forth – things of this nature.

Much has been written in your Earth writings, of that which dwells in that Realm: that there are Masters, and there are those who hold responsibility for the journey of this Planet and beyond. And that is of Truth.

There is also a place of service, that some find themselves drawn to, where they would serve in that place, during their sleep time; during their Meditations, and so forth. And there are many in the vibration of Tibet who have served in that path. You yourself have had lifetimes of experience in both Tibet, and in that City of Light, known as Shamballa.
Does this answer your question, Dear Heart?

Q: It does: Thank you so much; I am so Honoured: Thank you.

M: Who else, Dear Ones? Please bring them forth.

Q: May I ask a question please?
M: Indeed.
Q: Thank you for the opportunity. Is there any Guidance you would offer, (name 1), (name 2) and myself, on our journey of upliftment?

M: Perhaps I will speak to you individually, Dear Heart; rather than as a collective focus; for whilst you are in fondness for each other in this lifetime, you have not always been in that closeness of alignment.

There is a time and a place where Souls come together to plan a process, before moving into a physical embodiment, and the three of you indeed did plan to unite in that form of yourselves. Yet you yourself have come into this focus from a vibration that you might speak of as the Wizard Class: one who works with energy to cause things to come into Being, into manifestation. And in that, you chose to journey in this life, not so much in that expression, but to discover the foundations of what would cause matter to align into a particular purpose in a density such as this of Earth.

There is much covering over of the identity when you come to this plane of consciousness; and it is those of the Wizard Class that have learned the balance of Light and dark, and they have chosen, in their Love, to serve the Light. That has been the focus of your journey, Dear One.

Would the others please speak, in their turn?

Q: Hi, its (Name 1)
M: Indeed, (Name 1): That which you are, has Celebrated itself in an alignment that is not physical as such, but that is very much aligned into the Guidance Focus, to ensure the full manifestation of Spirit into the forming embryo. You could say in some ways that you have supervised uncountable births, of Spirit into a developing embryo process.

That which allowed you to Create in that way, wanted to have a different experience, a different process, of understanding Life itself; and it was thought by those whom you adhere to in the Light, and by All That You Are, that you would best enjoy becoming embodied, to experience that arrival process from the inside, for you had not done that so many times as yet. And to align into the full process of Transformation on this Planet, for it was Known that Mother Earth would move herself into the Higher Light. Indeed, it was thought to have been over and done with by now; but as you are well aware, it is not yet; although very close.

And the third, would you also speak, Dear Heart?

Q: Hi, my name is (Name 2).
M: Indeed. For you, the form of Creation took a different path, in that there are those who live – they Love to nurture the Life Force in all expressions of Life. There are those who would literally Create form on newly forming planets; there are those who would nurture a planet back into Beauty, when it has gone through a great cleansing process.

That form, is of the Goddess energy. And so your form of Creation, has been to enjoy to nurture into Being – to facilitate the growth, the advancement, of living things; and perhaps you have focused there in this life as well.

And so the three of you, have that common process of Creation; and yet, you each have your own path to it.

Are there more questions, Dear Hearts?

Q: Yes, Mufa, may I speak?
M: Indeed.
Q: I greet you with much Love, and Respect, and Light. I feel I have travelled great distances, and met many people, but feel no closer to finding my True path, and my True purpose, or my True Teacher; and I’d like to ask you if you’ve got any advice for me on this journey?

M: You are one who is known as the Bridge to Peace Over Troubled Waters. You are one who has in other times, brought that soothing balm of Peace to places that had none. That is why, you have travelled as you have done in this life.

It is not that you must go to places where there is such trouble, in the body, any more. Yet it is to recognise, that in the embodiment that you hold now, there is beating within that body, a Heart so bright, so large, that it can hold an entire system in Love: in such strength as to cause change.

You yourself perhaps do not feel this yet; it is there for you. How you use it, will be for you to determine, where you would desire to bring your Light.

It would be of great service to Mother Earth, to hold this land of Australia in your Love now. For this land of Australia – it was a very Special part of the Lemurian continent. And when the rest of Lemuria was gently placed beneath the waters by the Goddess Light, at the closing of that era, it was Australia that was set free to float into her new position. For this land, it holds a great strength of origin of Humankind – far more than is recognised in your academia and so forth. And it is in this land, that holds the very Essence of the Lemurian time, along with those places that poke up in the Pacific Ocean, and are at its shores – these are the places that hold the imprint of Lemurian Love.

You yourself walked this land in your Lemurian time; not once, but many times; and in other parts of this great continent as well (now referring to the whole of Lemuria). And there you listened to the Songs of each place; you listened to Mother Earth; you listened to the great Whale Beings; you listened to all that could be listened to. And in that you gained a strength of resolve, that you would Love, in this time. You would Love in such a form, as to allow for the Beauty, of All that would be, to flourish.

Does it bring Peace? Yes, indeed. And it brings, even more, the Beauty of new Light, coming into form, into Being, into experience; that All Receive what is given – by you, and by those of your framework of energy.

Are there more questions?

Q: Yes, I have one: Hello, Mufa
M: Indeed.
Q: I do not recall you from my Lemurian times; have we met before?
M: Oh yes: there was a time when you sat upon a Council, with that which was I, not in that first period, but in the later one; prior to the closing out of the Lemurian time. There was a purpose for that Council, which was to determine a suitable dwelling place, for those who did not choose Ascension, but wanted to remain in embodiment to serve, in a later time – in the subsequent time. Perhaps that will aid your memory, Dear Heart.

Q: It does, however I don’t recall – oh maybe it’s the Human construct of the word “Chancellor” as the overseeing power; I remember it as the Council.

M: Indeed. You may perhaps refer to this Light at that time as Mafu, rather than Mufa.
Q: I recall Ma Mafu.
M: That was I, Dear Heart.
Q: Do you have any messages for my continuing journey?

M: Indeed. It is a delight to reconnect with you; and it is as well, to Celebrate your presence on this Earth, for you have given much to be here.

There is a Light that emanates from your Heart, that speaks of Healing. Your presence brings forth Healing in those around you. Let it be a Celebration, that it is so. In the colour vibration of purple hue, there is a particular chord within that frequency, that is yours and yours alone. Create with that particular note, of purple hue; and it will escalate within your Being, greater comfort, greater awareness, and much strength of Healing, for others, as well as yourself.
Does this serve you, Dear One?

Q: Yes, Thank you.
M: Indeed.

Are there more, who would ask, and be answered?

Q: Mufa, I have a question?
M: Indeed.
Q: Are you familiar with the works by Neale Donald Walsh? And I was wondering if you can, if you are, your comments.
M: What is it, that you would choose to understand, Dear Heart?
Q: The relevance of the key messages, and…

M: Are they not Beautiful? There is within us all, whether in the body, or outside of it, a place of us that Knows of Our Creator Source. One does not need an intermediary, such as I, or any other. Yet it can be a comfort to have one of Human stature, bring forth understandings, that are received by that one. It is in that Light, that this one chose to serve; and indeed, has it not served a great many, to discover their own path of Spirit; their own understanding of Love and of Light. Wherever there is that intention, it is always Honoured, Dear heart. Does that answer your question?

Q: Yes, Thank you.

M: I will take one more question, and then we will close this journey: who would ask it, Dear Hearts?

Q: Can I ask it?
M: Indeed.
Q: Your Guidance on – I’ve come to a place of Peace, stability, through a journey of turmoil. I struggle with understanding where I should be going, when its overlaid by the mental construct. I really want to tune into the core “I”; I just wondered if you could give me Guidance on how to achieve that?

M: Is there Meditation in your life, Dear Heart?
Q: Yes
M: And is there Peace that you find there?
Q: Yes

M: There is within the consciousness a striving towards a place that is very high; that is seemingly, not within the grasp. How would it be, Dear Heart, if you understood, that it is not up there, but it is right here. It is very close; it is very much already, present.

There is a core experience: a place of experience that placed between you, and that which was of Love, a feeling of less than, unworthiness.

You have put it into the centre (of the room, earlier), have you not?

And as the Light replaces that place that formed that film in your awareness, it is now gone. Can you agree, to have it be gone, Dear Heart?

I ask that you write upon the paper, all of your concerns; and then in some way, that paper is destroyed. And I ask you to do this each day for a time. And as that paper is burned or in some way destroyed, let that which was on the paper, go as well. It is so simple: to have the willingness to accept, that you are changed. This will be a path to that for you. And I Thank you for your question, for it is one that troubles many, who will receive these words.

In Closing, then: this is a time, when All parts of the Self, are coming into a place of Oneness. And as they come, they stir up things that are not always comfortable, within each Human. Let yourself be aware, that there is not only this one awareness that you are accustomed to. There is so much more of you, that can meet these journeys; that can resolve what needs resolution; (and) it is not that you will be dominated or taken over. YOU, are the Leader; YOU, are the Guide, as to what is to be done.

Yet, there can be a strength of Love, and of Guidance, that shares with you, potentials, possibilities – simple ways to look at things differently. Why not use that, in your journeys now.

For you are multi-dimensional focuses of Love and Light: you are not just this body – you are far, far more; and All that you have been, is stranded into this process now; for it is a time, when you are Creating a new process of experience.

The Human journey is so complex, so multi-faceted; and you are the Core of that, that is coming into a place of simplicity, of core strength of Love at the very Heart of it.

Let it come: that is my Prayer, Dear Hearts, for each of you.

Always are you held in the Eternal and Limitless Love, of All That You Are, of All That IS Creation: for you are Light itself, and Light is of Love.

And so it is.



26th July 2015

Kirribilli, Sydney, Australia


Greetings, Beloved Ones, I AM indeed, Mufa. I come to you, not from the time of Lemuria so much as, the Love of our Creator Source; yet my memory of those times is strong.

It is my presence as The Chancellor, that may have brought you here; yet it is as well, the Knowledge of Love that I enfold within my sensory awareness through this vessel, that perhaps may be your strongest capacity of receiving. My words as such, may slip from your memory; yet it is my Prayer, that it is the Love that I bestow upon each of you, that is what you will remember the most, of all that is said amongst us this day.

Your Earth is indeed in transition, as are you. It is a time when you are Celebrating; and if not Celebrating, perhaps it is appropriate that you begin to do so. The energy seeks out those moments of Loving Acceptance, of Honouring; of Appreciation, of all that you find in a moment of Acceptance of it, Beautiful. And as you look upon the Beauty of this world, there is woven into even the smallest process, such a strength of Love, as you can scarce begin to comprehend just yet. Yet you will; for the time you are moving into is one where you will find yourself lost for words – in astonishment – in utter exhilaration; that something as simple as a flower, a blossom on a tree, on a shrub, on a plant of some nature, could speak to you with such exquisite sweetness. For not only would its scent reach your nostrils, and its petals delight the eye, but there would be a Harmony with this blossom, that you have not yet experienced before.

That is the world you are moving into: it is far different, from this time now. And yes, it will take some time, to adjust yourselves to the processes you will experience in this new way of understanding of yourself and all around you. What is needed to be understood at this time, is that each of you – each Exquisite Presence here, and who would read the words upon the paper in the coming time: there is no separation between each of you and that which allowed for your presence to be here, in this embodiment. That is the key to this new world.

You may have perhaps have found that the presence of Light is not easily understood; it is not accessible, as you would wish for it to be. Yet it is always ever present.

As you allow yourself to be embraced within the Love of Our Creator; of your Higher Self; your Soul Essence; of those who travel with you, unseen, perhaps – it does not matter, the face that you would put to the Love. It matters that you are willing to open your Heart to its presence; and to allow yourself the Gift, of being so Beautifully embraced, nourished; transformed, by this Love. There will be a time, when you will feel the Presence of this Love, much more than you do right now. It is a moment to step forth into that Love.

However it appears to your senses, register it within your Heart: is it a pure Love, that you feel, in that moment. And where you would find that there is no Self: there is only this all-encompassing Love – be not afraid to walk with it; to BE with it. For that which you are, has journeyed life upon life, time upon time, to have, that very instant of experience. Not only when you leave the veil that separates you from the next portion of your experience; but this time: when you remain in embodiment, if you so choose; and you continue on, in your new form.

That which you become, it is not all encompassing – in one instant, that you are literally someone else, than you were before. Yes, there will be a shifting of your awareness: you will be much more cognisant of places, of sensory activations, that you did not have before. You will be much more aware of the thoughts of others; you will feel their pain, their Love, their Beauty. You will also be in a place where there is time to understand what is available, what can be Created, in this new Way of Being.

There will be those who will discount what has taken place on your Earth – and indeed, on every planet in your Solar system, and beyond – way beyond. Yet there will be those, such as each of you who receives these words, who will know the Truth of what has taken place; and it will be for you to reassure those who did not choose Love, and found fear in its place.

There is much to speak of, of this journey. The reason that I share it with you, is because you are very close to it. It may be a month; it may be a year; it may be more than a year. Most probably, as it stands in this moment, it will not be until at least another year has passed. What determines this process, is your Acceptance of it.

Are you ready, to be more of who You, Truly Are?

Are you ready to leave behind the fears, and pains, the anger, the suffering? That is the question, Dear Hearts.

Most would say Yes! And when it comes to it, there would be doubt: “Perhaps this is not what it appears to be!”; “I am not quite ready”; “My family, others – they must come with me!”, and so forth. It is a time for you, yourselves: no other can choose for you; and you cannot choose for another. Yet, you can be a place of Loving Acceptance, and in that, the Love that You Are, extends itself outward, and all who receive it, will indeed gain from it what they would receive. For you will not be only this body, this personality. You will also be more: for that which You Are – the fullness of Your Self, will be in Oneness with you, very closely monitoring, and Creating with you.

This time: it is a Gift. It does not happen very often. There is much talk of a cycle of 25,000 and more years; and there is Truth in that. For as your Sun moves itself around its Central Galactic Core, it encounters different energies. The energy that you are in now, is one of Upliftment. And it is why many have not come this day, who have planned to. For when it impinges upon your physical body, all that has been suppressed – the pain, the sorrows, the angers – they arise, that they be Healed. Allow yourself to be the ones who Heal; for in your Love, Truly, you CAN have this be your journey.

There is one more thing that I would choose to offer this day, before I take your questions. In your Hearts, there is a place where you understand the Truth of Love. The Heart is not only the bridge between the more survival-oriented processes, and the Consciousness of You: it is also the access, the accessible place for Love to come through your Being; to reformat, to revitalise, the codings of your DNA. That which is coming through this grand cycle of movement of your Solar System: it is a place where all that is capable of it, is brought into its new process. You are part of that process. And it is the Love in the Light that allows for it to be so.

Always you yourselves, choose your path, in grand degree. There is the part of you that is Spirit, that is choosing as well. As you align more with that which you are, it will become a simple place of Knowingness that you are in Absolute Harmony with each other; and that Truly, this separation does not exist, and it never has. That is where you would strive to be, if there were such a path to be taken.

That which is in your Heart, is more than a place of repository, a dumping place, for emotions not expressed fully. There is a consciousness that dwells there. This consciousness is in direct connection with your Spirit Self – your Higher Self. And as you bring your Love – in your mind, bring your Love to your Heart: it opens that doorway, into All That You Are.

There: I will ask for your questions; be not shy; and allow yourself to speak loudly and clearly, that all may hear. Who will begin?

Q: I have a question.
M: Indeed, Dear One.
Q: What am I to learn at this time with so much pain in my body?

: It is not an easy place of your experience. There have been times when you have transcended great pain, in other times and places; it is a Gift to call upon for this time now. And it is also to recognize that yes, you have a physical body that has aged, that has its issues; yet you, yourself, are not the body. This is the place that you have asked for yourself to move into: to move your Consciousness away from the body; to discover that place again.

It is also to Celebrate all that you have Created with this body; that it has served you most well. And in that Celebration, let there be such a Love, for all that it has brought you, in every form; for you yourself have been very much involved in the Creation. Look upon it with Love; with understanding; with Celebration.

The mind has a place where it holds to, that this is pain; this is suffering; and I am in this place, and there is no release from this place. It is not True. There is much more, than this physical lesson (process); and when you have found even the smallest place of that, you will no longer be in such a level of pain. The pain is of anger; that Life has Created in this way, your journey. Bring to yourself this Knowing, Dear Heart: there is no wrong; there is no right: it is just the path you have taken. And it is a Beautiful path; for in that path you sought to Create so in strength of Love, to revitalise the place within you that Knows, that you are Truly Spirit, more, than you are, of the body. How would that be, Dear Heart?

Q: Thank you. I recognise myself. Thank you.
M: Indeed.

M: Who else would have a question?

Q: I have a question, Thank you. I have waves of feeling total overwhelm; just mentally, emotionally and physically. I’m wondering is this all part of the new coding, the DNA shifts, that we’re receiving?

M: It is; and it is also the allowing, that is part of this process. Just as for this one, there is a place where there is a holding, to that which has brought comfort; to that which has been the place of the Self. And now there is that which comes along, it brings new thoughts, new understandings, new ways of Being; and there is that part (of the Self) which says “But I am not that! I cannot be that!”

How would it be, if you would say to that part of yourself, “There is Love to be found in this new way: much more, than in the old ways. There is such a Beauty of Adventure; of Wonderful new paths to be explored, in this new way.”

Let yourself accept, that there is a place that is holding to the old ways, to that which is now your experience; and that it is this place that is feeling the overwhelm. When you can recognise that there is also another place of you, that seeks and longs for a new journey; that has been waiting in great Love and anticipation for this new opportunity; and it, and this other, they are in opposition. Neither is right, neither is wrong: they just are. And when you can say, in your mind, “I ask, for there to be a meeting place, within myself, for these two paths; that there is a neutral zone: that there is a place where I can hear the Beauty of each path. I can Celebrate All that I have been, All that I have held Dear; and I can also Appreciate that there is a lot more of Beauty, and of Great Love, that can be EnJoyed.”

And it will go to and fro, for a time. As you would choose to hold Acceptance for each place; and not to make that which is holding on bad; simply to say, “Yes! I Honour your existence; I Appreciate that you are there; for you have brought me much throughout my journey. I also would like to explore in this other form. Can we not do it together?”

As you hold to thoughts that encourage Acceptance and Unity, to bring together these seemingly opposing paths, there is a weaving that begins to form within you; and that which was once feared, regarded as “not you”, as “not possible”: one day, you will notice, “Aah! That is no longer scary to me: that is no longer something I have wanted but held from Being: I am ready now! I am ready.” And it will be a place where there is Happiness and Peace within you. Seek it out, Dear Heart.

And that which causes the feeling of overwhelm, of great tiredness, of depression – however it is, it will no longer hold you, from the Beauty, of yourself.

Does this answer it for you?
Q: Yes it does, Thank you.

M: Are there more questions?
Q: I have a question?
M: Indeed.
Q: Chancellor, when we accept this new path and are ready, is there action to be taken, or mere holding the space, surrender and acceptance?

M: It is all One, Dear Heart: the action will flow from the surrender and the Acceptance.

The initial place, is to feel into the Light of yourself; and to ask, indeed, “What may be done?” Where there is seemingly no answer, it is a place to wait, Knowing, that you are already, placed Perfectly, for the coming time.

Where you would feel the turning away, then it is to ask of yourself, to come into a place of agreement; that this is what you would choose; that it is your Love that comes forth to Create in a new way.

Where you would feel an urgency to action, ask of yourself, “Where does this come from? Is it the place where I feel that I am most comfortable when I am moving forward in a very tangible way?”

“What can I do to open myself into greater Love?” That would be the question. And where there is action to be taken in that form, it will come to you.

There is a hypnosis on this planet: that one must be active; that one must be doing, all the time; and I know that you understand this, Dear Heart, but I speak it for others. That which is within – when it is strong within you, when there is a Passion to Create, and that Passion brings with it the Joy – there are tears, at the thought of the Beauty, that you will be on this path, through this action: then it is indeed, the right one. It is the one that you would be, in Love, taking. I do not like the word “right” in that context.

There is, oftentimes, a desire to be in action, just to be, in some form, not where you are. That also can be a good starting place; yet it is to look within, and it is to say to yourself, “In my Love for myself, what else can I be in this moment now, thinking about, EnJoying, Creating, in some form?” And when you allow yourself that time of Contemplation, of Meditation, you will be answered.

Should nothing come to your mind, let it rest; and then the next day, or some time later, ask again. And you will find, that there is something that comes into your world, that was not there before. There will be words spoken, there will be a thought that comes, there will be some kind of opportunity; and you will then understand, and to Trust in that moment, that it has come in answer to your request for what would be done, in Love, for you in that moment to be in your path, to be in your place. And it is not something that will take you way out of your capacities. It will not be something that has you saying to yourself, much of the time, “This is so different!” It will be something that you say, “Aah yes! I have thought of this before, but I haven’t done anything with it.” That is oftentimes the way of it. And sometimes indeed, the opportunity will be, seemingly out of nowhere. Yet it will still carry within it, the form of your Gifts, of your capacities, of what you EnJoy. Does that aid you, Dear Heart?

Q: yes, thank you.

Q: May I ask another one?
M: Indeed.
Q: With all the changes that have gone on with our DNA up until this present time: is it continuing to occur? Are the DNA changes occurring nightly, or do they occur when there’s big astrological things going on; and will this continue all the time up until the time the Shift actually occurs?

M: Oh indeed Dear Heart, and well beyond. There is a place where one can look at the DNA through the microscope; and there is also much that is not observable to the Human awareness much of the time. That which is not observable in the physical sense of it: that is the part that is changing. The physical DNA responds to that which is non-physical, first and foremost. What is in the non-physical? It is your thoughts, it is your ways of Being; it is how you are in the world. It is your Gifts; it is your capabilities – some discovered, many not. It is all you have been, in other times and places. It is the Gift of your Love of Creator Itself; expressed through these Encodings of Light Itself.

When there are inflows of Photon Energy, of Golden Light Particles, these particles with their higher vibration of Love, they caress these parts of the non-physical parts of the DNA, and they say, “Are you ready? Are you ready? Would you be willing to embrace this Love now?”

And where there is Acceptance, there is – it is like a smoothing, a Harmonisation, that takes place, within this non-physical portion of yourself. It must then come into the more physical, into the consciousness of yourself. And it is very much as though the Higher Self portion of you, says “Aah! You are ready for more of yourself”; and it brings a little shaft of its Light into your four body system. And as that comes in, there is: “What is that! That is strange; that is not what I am.” For it is higher in its Love, than you are accustomed to. And so, with the Higher Self, oftentimes you would find yourselves with the cold, with the flu; with a lethargy, a need to sleep: that this higher energy can be accepted into your four body system more comfortably, and that your consciousness can shift through what is done in dreams, through your sleep time; and also, in the way you are acting with others around you.

With the Light that comes in, it is much the same: there is a place of resistance. There is a turning from it, for it is different.

When you in your Love for yourself, can say, “I do not fear the changes. I am ready. I open my Heart and my energies to them. I choose to receive as fully as I may, these Gifts; and I Honour, that while I might find some of the processes a little uncomfortable, I am willing to understand, that it is my need for acceptance of them, that makes it so.”

Does this happen daily or nightly: yes. Does it happen hourly? Yes: it is continuous. And it is a matter of the holding of the Self, the way you are accustomed to – and I do not speak to you personally, Dear Heart.

There is a place where it is almost as though one builds walls around the Self. “In here, it is safe; out there, it is not safe.” Those walls, they must come tumbling down. For with the Opening of the Heart to the Love of Spirit; to the Acceptance of your Self, as One with All That You Are, there is no need for walls; for you understand that you can meet all that comes, in the most Beautiful fashion.

That which you bring forth from your Heart, is what is returned to you. When you bring Love, and Honouring, and Acceptance of others, that is what will come back, Magnified, in its Love. Thus that which you would face as an obstacle, as a challenge: it is something that has gone out, that was not Love, that has come back to you, to be looked at, as Love. There is no difference between how you are expressing Love out, and receiving what comes back to you.

It is the same, as your Acceptance of the Beauty of the Gifts of these inflows of Light, of these upliftings of the DNA. It is something you are born to do: it is not something that is way outside of your capacities. As Humans, you are encoded with that capacity to Accept these changes; to be participating Joyously with them.

Yet the consciousness, the mind, places these barriers, and says “I am not ready. I cannot do that. I must stay in my safe place, where I am accustomed to Being. And I will hold at bay, all change, all difference, in my circumstances.”

Well, Dear Hearts, there will be Light that comes with such strength, that will knock those barriers down; and it will come to ask of you, “Are you ready? What do you choose?” and in that instant, you will already, have chosen your path.

What can be done is to place yourself in the flow of Love…to be Loving of others; but also, to Love the Self – to Love the fear, to Love the parts that you do not like to see, or to look upon; because they are you also, and they are part of the Love that You Are. When you do that, the barriers dissolve.

And indeed, the Light that is continually flowing all around you in every moment, it has a place to anchor in, and to aid you, in that infinitesimal change, that builds one upon the other, until it is able to be perceived by your consciousness – “Aah Yes! I used to think that! It is not there! How could I be in that place?” and yet there is a Knowing, that indeed you were; and that it is okay.
Does this serve you, Dear Heart?
Q: It does, Thank you.

(As there are no more questions,) then I will conclude this journey with this statement: Be not in fear, for what is to come. In many ways, it will be an extension of what has been: you are still yourself; you are still in relationship with others; you are still with the Gifts and the capacities that you currently hold. What will be different, is the lack of struggle; the capacity to contemplate deeply what you would choose to Create; what it is that brings you Joy, in your Being, to be participating within.

There will be those who will venture forth with great abandon, to visit places of Earth of beyond; to be in connection with their Star Brethren; to be in Love with a particular portion of Mother Earth’s Love, and so forth. Just to be in the freedom of it all, that will be enough, for a time.

You yourself are an Evolutionary Process: you are part of a Light that continues to extend Itself into new forms, into new places of experience. Just as it has sought to understand every nuance of what has been, so it also seeks to understand the nuances of what can be Created in that new place of understanding of the Self. And so, you will find welling up from somewhere deep within you, a desire: that life is empty, until you find a way to express more of Who You Are: your gifts in some form that serves those around you. It will be a great strength of understanding of the interconnectedness that you are with all around you – with of all of life, with all of possible existence.

And in that melting pot of understanding, there will be places where there is an upwelling of energy that seeks to be expressed in a certain way; and you may find yourself drawn to those upwellings; or you may find that it is your path to sit for yourself in stillness, in the Wonderment; in the Love; and from there, there will be something that seeks its expression from your own uniqueness, in a new way.

And all of it is Beautiful; and all of it is Perfect. None of this is an accident. There are those forces of Love that gently Guide the journey, to be one of an Evolutionary nature; to strengthen the Knowing of Love within the Self, and to experience the Beauty of your own Light. For that Truly, is a grand Gift indeed, is it not?

Remember always, that you come from Light Itself; and through the Gift of particalisation, you have this body, and you have a Consciousness. And this Consciousness, it is a Joyous thing: it is a Wonderment; it is an Empowerment. And as that place has gotten covered over, Now is the Time for its Re-Emergence; and that indeed is a most Wondrous thing.

I very much have EnJoyed connecting with each of you; and I look forward indeed, to when our paths may meet again.

Always are you held in the Love of our Creator; Truly, it could not be otherwise.
And so it is.



5th July 2015

Kirribilli, Sydney, Australia

Greetings, Dear Hearts, I AM Mufa, and I Welcome each and every one of you; for this journey of Healing that has begun this day, is a grand development. For the words I have come to offer are ones that I Trust will serve the deepest portion of yourselves. They are to encourage, to illuminate, the part of You that Knows Itself, in the most Loving fashion imaginable to you.

Who you are, is but a shell of a body that encompasses a Great Spirit. A Spirit that has chosen to be on Earth, to bring forth at the appropriate time, a Grand Celebration, of Love – of a Love so intense, so powerful, it will be unlike that which you have experienced thus far, in this journey. This Love of which I speak, it is there, even now, within you. It is awaiting discovery. Even as each of you is moving yourselves in your chosen paths and purposes, there is a place that already Knows, what is to be done, how to be in process with it; what can transpire; and it is eagerly awaiting, that which you are, to Welcome it. As you choose to Welcome this Loving expression of You, it will be as if you had discovered the most dearest of companions: one who is wise; one who already understands how you are feeling; what you are experiencing in your life.

There is the tendency in the Human Light to place that one outside of the Self; to treat it as a Guide, a God. There is God: there is Creator’s Love; yet you as well, are Creator. And as Creator, there is a longing, to Be in Love, and where Love dwells. There is also a longing to express, to experience, all that you may through your Love, choose – such processes as delight, and extend your knowledge of yourselves. There is within each of you, that born explorer: that one who wants to go, where none has gone before; and there is as well, the one who delights in the comforts of living in a Beautiful fashion.

There is truly no separation between these two in the Higher Realms; for all can choose their path of Love; to live in their Joy, in the manner that delights them; that Honours All, through that Love.

This is the world you are about to enter: it is not a far-off fantasy. It is very much enveloping the Earth plane as I speak these words. It has been held from you, for a length of time, and that time is growing short.

That which you have learned to do, to Be: it will not be what you become accustomed to, in the new form of yourself. Then, you will be living with Love focused outwards. It will be very much the expression of the Self flowing out, without fear of non-acceptance, of judgement. It will be more “How much Love do I have, that I can bring to this journey”; “how do I extend this Beauty that I AM, in a form that serves; that brings forth delight of my Soul, of All That I AM.” And yes, perhaps, I have a yearning to experience in this form, and yet it would serve, to do this (a different form): Knowing that always, there would be a way for the (two) paths to unite.

In the Lemurian process, the people were very focused on Being in Love. Their origins caused this in some degree. Truly, it was the Beauty of Mother Earth, that made it easier, for Beauty was everywhere. Love was everywhere. Yet still, the original time of the Lemurian process was third dimensional. They needed to find their path from that, into the next dimensional process. It allowed them to use the power of their thinking, of their Love, focused through thought, to Create.

You have, each of you, in your ways, been learning this as well. That when the time comes, when your thoughts instantly Create, in a very tangible, physical form, you will know how to bring your thoughts into the focus where Love Guides the Creation. For as you learn more and more, to live through ways that Honour ALL, there will be that which speaks from the Heart, without the need for words: your energy reaches out.

When you connect with the ones from your Home Worlds, from the place that you come from, what is there? It is a Love, is it not? It is a place of Honouring; it is a place of comfort; acceptance; unconditional giving. Yet there is a strength of Honouring, of the Beauty of the path you are walking upon; and from you, the Honouring of theirs as well.

What will arise, when you meet in the physical realm? Perhaps you have done so. Let yourself recognize, that there is a place for fear at times, yet, more and more, you will not need it any more.

As Mother Earth continues to realign her energies, for her core is not solid; it is not iron; it is Light: it is a Living Consciousness, that in its physical expression you may choose to regard as plasma. She has the capacity to rotate that, to change the direction of its spinning a little bit; and in that, the magnetics of the planet shift.

And as they do, there is an attractive force to Mother Earth’s core, that intensifies. And with that intensification, there is a flowing in of energy, that is the Profound Love of All of Creation. For it is Love, that Truly Guides form into Being.

How does the smallest, tiniest element, know what to be: how to gather like energies to itself, and become a form? It is already imprinted within the very first one, and within every speck of consciousness, or of matter. The physics that you know of on this planet, do not serve you.

Let yourself understand, that there is such a depth and profoundness of Love that Guides all experience, All of Love; and where there is even the smallest bit not quite in Love, there is a natural tendency to rebalance into Love again. That is what is happening on your Earth now. You might say it is like the stretching of the rubber band, that as it reaches a certain point, it must come together again. That is what is happening: it is not to be frightened of it; for it is that which will Heal, and will Restore, the planet and its peoples, into Love again.

I will speak more of this later, if you so choose; for now, I would ask if you would be willing to share your questions; they can be in any form; but I would answer what is in your Hearts to understand, that I may then structure what I would share with you more in alignment. Who would begin?

Q: If I may go first?
M: Indeed.
Q: Its an absolute Honour to be in your presence today: Thank you so much for this Co-Creation. I acted out of alignment within the past few months, which caused a lot of great pain to many people; I am just wondering how do I begin the process of self-forgiveness, and acceptance, for what I did?

M: Oftentimes, Dear Heart, there is one who must stand in a place, not of Love; that others may learn from the journey: that is what you took part in. It is not an easy place, to stand in.

There are those who have such strength of Love within them, it is their path to take on roles that others would hate them for, or would regard them with less energy of Love. That which you Created, can you view it as a Gift to them: one perhaps, they will not understand for some time. Yet, it becomes, it functions as a catalyst, for them to choose, what will be their path, in view of what took place. That is the Gift you have given to them.

Those who come from Love, oftentimes will heap upon their journeys that which has them in some form, not in step with others. There is a separation that takes place; and it is not easy, to Create in that form. And so there are these places of experience, that are brought to the Self. There are Gifts in the Giving: there is an understanding of Oneself, more deeply. There is a Knowing of Inner Truth, of great strength of Self. These are the Gifts, that can be understood, when one is the giver of that, which in some form, offers separation. Does that make sense, Dear Heart?

Q: Yes, it does; Thank you so much.

M: Be no longer, holding to yourself, the wrongness. Hold to yourself, the Love that it took, to Create in that way.
Q: Thank you.

M: Are there more questions, Dear Ones?

Q: I have a question as well: I also had in the last year quite a shocking disruption with a very dear friend, that I’ve been doing what we thought was some good work; and I am surprised we are now so separate, when I thought that together we were Creating such good. I was hoping that we were; and it seems, that the paths, accepting that the paths are to be separate, and I am wondering what this next part of the journey is for me, given the separation, and my understanding of this disruption that has happened between me and this very dear friend.

M: Indeed. Perhaps it is to understand that within every journey there are fears that develop, that are hidden from view, for it is not acceptable to have, that form of feeling, that form of fear. Yet there comes a moment, when it can no longer be held from view; and that caused the disruption.

Look into your Heart, Dear One, and Honour her as the Beauty of Love that she was to you; and Honour yourself, as the Beauty of Love, that you were as well. The time came, to cause a parting; and in that parting, the energy of it, while unpleasant, served its purpose. Let it be all right, that you did separate; that there is to be no blame held, for that separation; for each of you, is as Beautiful as the other. Yet those fears, those deeply held places of experience, at times they arise in such a strength from within, there is no holding them from their appearance. That is what took place, Dear Heart.

Now that it has shown itself in that form, when you hold to the Love within yourself: holding yourself as the most Precious of Beings; and finding a place where also you can hold the other in that way: that is the Gift of that experience. And having had that experience, you now have that Wisdom, to share with others.

That separation allows the Gift of seeing another, not from the eyes that felt the pain of that separation; but from who they always have been: the Beauty of Love expressed in the Human embodiment; seeking out their path, as Beautifully as they may. Does this answer your question, Dear Heart?

Q: Just a little….what do you suggest or offer around this next unfoldment of my journey, of my service in the world.
M: Always it is to look at what brings you Joy. There is a place in you where music dwells, and it longs to be heard. Do you sing, Dear Heart, do you play?
Q: I do; I sing.
M: There it is; play with that, Dear Heart.

Who else would have a question?

Q: Greetings Chancellor; Thank You for your presence, and your sharing today. My question is around, how can I best embrace the shadow? I just don’t know how to embrace it.

M: Perhaps, Dear Heart, it is not to look at the shadow so much, as it is to look at where there is Love. In the Human process, there is much suffering, that each and every one finds in their journey; for that is the journey of Earth Human. Yet as well, there is the capacity, to move into forms of Self that are very much more focused on what can be Created, more than the troubles of the past. For is it not so, when you find yourself in a place of great happiness, the troubles, they do not seem to exist any more. That is the place to experience now.

For in the changes that are upon this world, there will be so much of seeming darkness; and it will be your task, for each of you, to hold to the places of happiness, of Joy, of shared companionship; of Loving together, in whatever form that you find appropriate. For in your Love, you have the gift of choosing; you have the capacity to shift the focus, from that which has troubled you, to that which brings happiness, even in the most simple of forms.

There has been much emphasis placed on clearing out the shadow; and while it has served in some degree, it has also held you from your potentials. I would ask of you, would you not rather choose, to live more Joyfully, than to live in repetition of old hurts. How would that be, Dear Heart?

Q: I’m a little confused, because the Healer that I’m doing work with, is now encouraging me to spend one day embracing my shadow, so that I can be more whole, and learning to embrace the shadow, rather than be upset with feeling angry or sad, or depressed or whatever comes up; and its about that feeling of embracing that in that moment, so perhaps I may not have articulated the shadow definition correctly for you, so…

M: Are you not Beautiful, Dear Heart, no matter what your state of Being? That is the question.

Q: So my confusion is that I feel I am having a different kind of response from you, as to what my Healer that I regularly go to, shares with me, as an ongoing practice, so I feel there is two different informations here, so I am a little bit unsure as to where that’s been directed: does that make sense?

M: Indeed: Perhaps I could say it this way, Dear One: there are places that ones have been taught is a bad place; and there is another place that is a good place; and the desire is to be in the good place. They are not separated; they are layers of yourself. It is not that one can only look at the layer that is Beauty; it is to understand that they are so interwoven, Truly, they are not separate.

There is not good or bad; there just is Beauty. It is a place of Oneness, of wholeness. To judge an emotion as bad, it makes you feel bad, does it not? It makes you feel that you have failed. Were you to regard that place as simply part of you, and all of it, comes from Love: all of it, IS Love. It is simply a focus, that can change, as to what to do next.
Does that make more sense, Dear One?
Q: Thank you.

M: Always it is to Honour what You feel, take what it is that You would choose, in Your Heart for Yourself. I am not to set myself against your Beautiful Healer: there are places, where we are One. Find those places, Dear Heart.

Q: You mentioned the coming changes, that we can sort of feel. Do you have any – I know timeframes are a difficult thing, but do you have any timeframe in our language, for that?

M: Where I dwell, time does not exist. It is a combination of energies that arise, to allow for the Creation of a new form. To put it in more Human terms, I have said to you, time is short. What is short?

In your Heart there is an understanding, that it is like you are stepping aboard a moving process that gathers speed, and yet because the speed increases very gradually, you do not realise how fast you are travelling, until you look at the surroundings for a moment. That is what is happening now. You are beginning to look at the surroundings, and say to Self, “Aah, Yes, we have moved: we were here, and now we are here, and we are still moving forward.” It is like that.

What is the time? Humanity has the capacity to Shift Consciousness very rapidly. To do this, there must be the Acceptance, that that is possible. There must be a choosing of the path.

Most are held in such strength of day to day journeying in the third dimensional process, they do not have the time, the energy, the inclination, to look further: they do not look at the surroundings. There are those such as you, who are here today, who are looking at the surroundings, and you are saying, “Aah, but we are not there yet: when will we be there?”

It is when enough of you, in strength, look at the surroundings, and you say to yourself, “I choose to be in this new place. I choose to live my life as one who Honours others; as one who would always choose from Love, as best I am able.” That is all, that needs to happen.

Those who are aware, are giving this world a big push. It is enough, when those who are aware, come together, in gatherings such as this, in larger numbers; to combine their energy, to blend their Consciousness, to say into that Melded Consciousness, “I choose the next step; I choose the new way; I choose that which I have always been. I allow, Love to Guide my path.” And when enough people hold that intention, much will change.

There is as well, the time of Mother Earth, herself. She is no longer willing to wait, while many Awaken.

There is a place where there is Acceptance, without Commitment: That “Yes! That seems like a good plan; but I am watching, but I am not moving that plan forward, through action; through thoughts.” That is where there is a grand turning of energy into this new path: a tiredness of what has been; a willingness to try something new; and yet, not knowing what that new will become.

There are those who hold the space: “This is what the new will be; and it is our shared vision, that Creates it.” That is where Mother Earth takes her cues from.

There are also Energies that are impacting this Earth, that are being transformed, to a more steady process, rather than massive impulses impacting those of Earth. And they do this in great Love, that Humans can find their path, to move themselves into their own Hearts; into the place of bringing forth their own Beauty, in their way.

By the end of this year, there will be much more information on what is going on, on planet Earth. It is the task of ones such as yourselves, to share that it is not doom and gloom: it is an Invitation, to move into a way of living that is much more Honouring of All; much more in Harmony, with Mother Earth, and that indeed, the Gifts of All are able to be brought forth, and expressed, and shared, for the Good of All.

Does this feel like an impossible dream, for it is has been promised for a long time. It will come: not this year; perhaps not the next; but by the one after, I would consider it to be a strong potential. Will it be sooner? Perhaps.

Ask of yourselves, what can I do, to bring this new Wondrous world, that will be as Lemuria was, in many ways; that will be, as our Star Brothers and Sisters, live and function. What can be done, to share this Beauty? Always it starts, with what you would do to Honour Yourself, in Your Love: that the Love flows from You.

Ask, “What is it, that makes me happy? That has me feeling Joyous, content?” That was a very long answer.

Q: Excellent: Thank you: Thank you: I am very Honoured.
M: Thank you for asking, Dear Heart.
I will take one or two more questions.

Q: Hello, and Thank you for being here. We hear a lot of noise and confusion in this world, and channeled material, that there is a Cabal, or a Illuminati, that has a controlling interest in Humanity, and maybe this is from off-world, other races such as the Reptilians and so on: is there much Truth to this, or is it propaganda, and are those that might be controlling us, starting to wake up, and the power structure crumbling.

M: There is Truth, Dear Heart, yet it is to ask of the Self, what am I doing to allow it to continue? There comes a time, when one looks at the journey – as I have stated, to look around, to observe, what is going on: “Where are we, in Truth, as I understand Truth?” It will not be pretty for most.

Remember, that where there are those who would seek to hold, and compress, there must be those who would agree to that compression. And in the poles of duality, on the Earth, in a third dimensional process, there would be those who would come to oppress, and there would be those who would experience that oppression.

That is now changing. To change, those who oppress must be released from that journey; those who were oppressed, must rise up and take up their power.

That is what is happening, Dear Heart. It is not to make one group or another, evil or bad: for each has played their part. Let it now be a new beginning; one where that which is offered from a place of Inner Truth; of great Love, not only for Self but for All: that is the place to start. Does this answer your question?

A: Yes, indeed.

What is needed now, is for each of you to look within yourselves, and to say, “I AM more, than I had thought myself to BE. What is this more, That I AM? How can I express the Beauty of the Heart Light, that I Truly AM, in ways that do not burden, but rather uplift, myself, and others?”

As you explore this question, there may be a requirement that you let go, of some of the packages you have your arms wrapped around. There may be the necessity to bring forth a new understanding of yourself, that is not so much Earth Human, but Spirit, walking in a Human embodiment. And as that Spirit, you came to Earth, not only to move yourself further in your own Evolution: you also came to offer, the Love from your Heart. You came, at times to inform or to share; to Heal others. But most of all, it is about the Love that you have for yourself. The Honouring of yourself, is where it begins; when you can see this Self, in every possible moment, as a thing of Beauty; as a place of Creation, happily experiencing whatever it is.

And from the Human perspective, that can seem like it is Heartless at times: “I did this, just to experience that pain, that betrayal, that loss?” Yes; also, to understand the Beauty that is wrapped up in that process: that Always, you are Love, that always, all others come from Love. And when you can hold to that place, your life will change. You will be very different. For Love will no longer be something outside of you: it will be very much your expression of All That You Are.

As each finds their place in that way – even just a little, there is a magnetic force that Unites you with others who have found that same place; who have understood, that it is no longer a life of fear and suffering; but it is of discovery, of what is possible, of what can be, now, the journey.

I Thank You All for your Love, for your willingness to receive this day; for Truly, it is very much my Honour, to serve.
Always are You are held in the Love of Our Creator: that is the Gift.

And so it is.



14th June 2015

Seaforth, Sydney, Australia


Greetings, Beloved Ones, I AM, indeed, Mufa.

This day, I have a journey at hand: to take you into the time, when Love indeed dwelt on the lands of Mother Earth. For while there were many populations; while there were many peoples populating this great world, that you speak of as Earth, it was a time when there was Magnificence of Creation on the land, in the place that was Lemuria.

In this journey of Love, it brought forth from the Hearts of the people, a template: an imprint, upon the land itself; that Mother Earth would be in her most pristine form to begin a great journey; one that would see her populated to the greatest degree; one that would see indeed, much of her physical presence brought into disarray.


Yet it was also to be understood that when the time came for the Lemurian Lights to walk the lands of Earth again, they would come indeed, not in the few, but in the many – the thousands would walk the land of Earth again. Within their Hearts would be a key, that would cause within them a great Awakening; that would allow for the Love that they had experienced in their Lemurian times, to be set free within them again. This is the path of those who would Honour the Beauty of Love within them: to set aside that which was not of Love in their journeys, and indeed, at times causing great upheaval in their experience as they perceived it to be. Yet it was very much desired that this would arise: that whatever place of their experience, when Mother Earth asked it of them, they would arise again, and bring forth from deep within, the Beauty of their Love.

I have spoken of this before: what I would speak of this day, is to have you understand the Beauty of the Light that each of you are; and I will progress there in greater depth in your question time.

What I would say, is that you yourselves, seemingly ordinary Human Lights – yet not a one of you is ordinary. All of you have come in your Love to Create the grandness of adventure: together, One and All, uniting through your Hearts, when the time is right, to bring to this Earth, a Crescendo of Love and of Light; that that which had held Mother Earth compressed, would fall away. It was, you might say, a secret weapon: a plan to overset that which was set in motion, indeed, a great many centuries ago, and even long before that as well.

The little pocket that was the Lemurian energy; and in the form of land it was not so small, for it lays underneath your Pacific Ocean. It embraces the land of Australia; it embraces the islands of the Pacific energy; and it stretches to the western shores of the American lands. This great land in itself, had a number of different populations over the years; yet always it was United in its Love.

There is a time to come, when the land of Lemuria will raise again above the waters, to bring forth the pristine energy that is there. No wars have been fought upon its land. It holds the Beauty of Love woven deeply within in it; and it will bring forth again, the Love of the Great Mother Tree, and of the Great Purple Forest; for while they are deep beneath the Pacific Ocean at this moment, they are being brought into Love again. They may not appear in their previous form to your eyes; yet those who see through their united presence, will perceive them clearly. They will make their home in your 4th dimensional process, that all can once more Celebrate the Beauty of Creator’s Love, through the gift of the conduit of Light, that is the Great Mother Tree of Lemuria.

In this form, of reconnection, the great crystal pyramids, that are invisible to you in much degree at this time, will make themselves known as well. There is one at the centre of Uluru, the great rock mountain. There are others, beneath the waters, spread out to create a Beautiful outpouring of Loving Light, that will instantly revitalise Mother Earth’s energy pattern into the form, where she is able to transform herself, in that instant of Great Transition that will come.

Be not sad for the changes that are to come: be in Joy; for Mother Earth has had to endure so very much; and so too, the Human journey as well. There are many who long to embrace you again; for you to they, are long lost cousins, friends, family members. And as you bring your Love to look into this journey, through your Love, with your Love, you will discover that in every place where you would find that which was of sadness, a grand new opportunity has arose. And even now, where you focus your Light into that which brings you Joy, you will find it has wings embedded into it: it prospers, it flies. You are Powerful Creators, and you have not understood that, until more recent times. What you have begun to Create, is but the smallest of what you will become.

Remember this: in your Heart there is a blossoming. That blossoming takes into transcendence, all that you are; for it will not be only this Earth presence that makes a grand transition: it will also be, all the lives that you have lived on this Earth; and in other Realms not yet of the 4th dimension. And when you let yourself Create the Beauty of Love within your Heart for this process, already it begins.

Be not afraid that your life will become tumultuous: only that which is not of Love, falls away, and there is room, there is opportunity to live in very Heart-open form. It is your journey to take that path. And in you creating in this form, you are adding your Light to that of Mother Earth, to that of the Human Consciousness; and you are not only transforming your own vessel into a more youthful appearance, indeed, and into a place, where you would no longer countenance, that which was of hate, or of fear.

The call has gone forth, for you to walk your path in as great a Love, as you can discover to bring to it. Walk with me; with Mufa; and together we will bring such a Beautiful Presence of Love, that there will be tears of Joy in every Heart, that the Lemurian Lights have returned to this Earth, in their conscious Knowingness of their own Beauty, and of the Beauty of All that will be. In your Hearts there can be doubt, there can be fear; let it not, override the Love.

(Q&A – not transcribed)

In this closing time then, of this third dimensional process you are within, there will be a place of your own experience, when you will be so filled with Love, no other thought will be available to you. Allow it to Be; for you will feel the onset: it will not be from one instant to the next; there will be a few moments, when you feel the Love, flowing within your Being.

Take the choice, the path, to Love. And as you choose it, you will find yourself immediately held within the Light itself; of your Higher Self, of all who Guide you, of all who will take the place of Focuses upon you; for you will have, you might say, your team with you. But most of all, you will feel the Great Love of our Creator Source. It will speak into your awareness, in the form of Knowing, and you will remember much more, of Who You Truly Are. And you will know you have choices to be made as to what you will do from that moment forward.

You will have time to choose, but not so very long; for that which is Truly in your Heart, will be very much in your awareness. And from there, you will go forth, to be perhaps one who Guides others through their movement of that journey, perhaps through their adjustment into the 4th dimension; for when that time comes, Mother Earth will truly have shifted every one of her particles into that 4th dimensional process.

There will also be those who will remain in what is still, in appearance, the 3rd dimension; and they will come to those who seemingly are calm. And that will be those of the ones who have chosen to return to create understanding that there is this choice available to them; for in their fear, they turned from the Love; yet the Love is still ready and willing to receive them.

It will take you some time to understand the power of Love that is Creator Source, even after that place of transition. For you have become accustomed to a very diffuse Presence often. It will be quite different when you make that transition.

When will it come? That I cannot answer; for it depends very much on Humanity. Those of you, in this room who are of the Lemurian energy; for indeed each of you is most familiar with that experience: Remember the Light, the Joy, the Loving Happiness, that was your time there; and seek to embrace it in this life now.

However it is you choose, always Remember: You are a Blessed Expression of Our Creator’s Love; and in that Love, always are You held to fulfill the most Beautiful of journeys possible; and never once, are You, alone.

For Truly, so it is.



24th May 2015

Seaforth, Sydney, Australia


Greetings Dear Ones, I AM, indeed, Mufa…and in the Love that I feel, for each and every one of you, there is much to speak of. For you have chosen to walk in Love in these times; to bring the Beauty of your Lemurian processes into focus, in this time.

For this time, unlike the ending process of Lemuria, where Mother Earth would shake herself free of that which no longer served, that a new path be begun; it is more, that there is Great Transformation, Great Love. And as this Love of which I speak will come upon your Earth plane, and it will come indeed not only to your Earth plane, but to all of Space, near and far. For in your Hearts you knew, that Mother Earth would need all the Love that could be brought to her for this time. And so, just as in the Lemurian time, you came to be of service to her.

In that Beauty of Love that you experienced then, you said, deep into the Light, “I will return; for my memories of my Lemurian times are strong; and I will bring forth the Beauty of this great journey of Love and Light again; and I will seek you out, Chancellor; I will look for you; and when I find you, I will know, that the time of Love has Truly begun.”

Thus I have asked of my Medium, to be with you; and while there are but few of you as yet, it will become, as it must, in the Great Love of our Creator.

In this time, many would hold to fear, and turn aside from the Love of our Creator. That is something that we seek to have greater understanding arise. Each of you, in your ways, serves as one who would share with those around you, when the time arises for that to come about, and you would share with them, that there is Truly no need for fear, but rather, for great Joy. For the times of travail, they are ending; and the Beauty of the Love that is to come: this is what must hold their focus.

In your Hearts there is a Knowing: there is a Calling, that is making itself heard and felt within your Being; and it is the calling of Love calling to Love; of Like calling to Like. This is the Gathering Time: this is the time, when those of similar understanding, come forth to each other, to share together, in processes that aid the coming about of these new ways of Being.

In your Heart there is that Knowing: and it is the time to Trust fully, in that; to not allow the daily journey to cover it over any more. Time after time, you have been told that there would be great changes upon your Earth, of her physical vessel; of all of existence; and yet, it has not come.

This time, Dear Hearts, it will. Mother Earth, she has shaken herself free of that which held her fast. She has woven within her Consciousness the Template of her new journey; and all that remains, is for sufficient of Humans, to take themselves into Love.

Where there is an opportunity to join with others, to share and to speak of Love, let it be so. Do not shy away from such journeys, any more. And when you can, look within; for within yourself, in that Heart, that beats its steady counterpoint to Mother Earth’s value, her vibration: there is such a strength, such a profoundness of Knowingness (within). This is, what you as Lemurian Lights, have come to bring forth, when you discover it for yourself.
How to discover it? It is to take those times, when Love seems absent; when all is not working in perfection in your eyes; and to take that moment then, to listen inside – not to the fear that is crying out, but to the Love, that is behind that fear. For where there are shifts and changes in your own circumstances, always it is for you to look behind that place, and to ask in Love, what may I do, to be in Love, to serve Love, to bring forth Love, in this moment, for myself first of all; and then for others who may be involved in this process with me.

In your Heart is the key. You have been taught to devalue the Self; you have been taught that you are unable to cause change; that there is no power available to you.

I say to you, this is not valid; this is not Truth. You are limitless Beings – how often have you heard ones such as I, say such words? “Why then, do I not feel limitless?”

Allow yourself, the gift of Love.
Return yourself to the Lemurian energies.
Allow yourself the presence of He or She, who Guides you in Love, constantly, unstintingly, as the one chosen to be closest to you, in these times. And where you do not know who that is, make it your question, Dear Hearts, to discover, who that may be.

Always that which you are, is bringing more and more of its Love, within your Being: that which you term Higher Self, your Core Essence, your Essential Light: it is all, Who You Are. It is the part of you, that you often term Creator; or it is placed to such a high degree, that it cannot understand your Earth process.

Aaah, indeed? That is not so. It is part of you; you are part of it; there is no separation any more. And it is not that it does not hold the overview for you, even now; it does, and it will continue to do so. Yet as you allow it (to blossom within you), you will find that choices become wiser; that obstacles seemingly diminish before they are even fully observed; that your path seems Golden, at times. That is the Beauty of You, in great synchronicity of you with All That You Are.

It is the gift of Love within you: this same Love that knew itself, in the time of Lemuria; this same Love, that will go on to journey in countless fashions and ways. You are Eternal; and at this time, there is great excitement and Passion: for here you are, at the very brink of this Grand Transformation.

Hold not to the thoughts that life must continue as always it has: hold to the excitement, the Beauty, the Passion, for Life to become something Wonderful. And when those around you walk and come to you in fear, bring your Love to them, in great Compassion, for they have lost their path in Love.

It is to understand something very deeply: that even as you would listen to one such as I; there are similar processes of Love and Wisdom within each of you. And yes, you have chosen to walk this Earth embodied in this time. The veils, they are very thin; they are becoming more so, by the day; and it is for you to choose, where you would Focus: in your Hearts; in your Love; to bring forth the Beauty, that each of you, so exquisitely, and uniquely, Are.


3rd May 2015

Blue Mountains, Australia


Greetings: I AM Mufa…I bring to this journey this day, my Joy, at this reuniting, of ones, energy patterns, whose paths have connected time and again, for the purpose of bringing new awareness, greater Love, to the populace of concern.

In each of your Hearts, there is a particular Knowingness: it is a place where Love, immense Love, dwells. And oh yes, it is covered over with experiences, trials and tribulations, yes; yet also, great moments of Joy and Love.

On your Earth plane, there are focal points, nodes, if you will; where energy is gathered and distributed from. Many of these are ancient places; places where those who understand such things, have placed in safe keeping, that which will aid this forthcoming time. This land of Australia is one of these places. And oh Yes, it is a large land, and there are many distribution places on this great land, where energy indeed is strengthened and broadcast, that its gifts be given forth to the peoples around, or who visit those places. These mountains here, are one of those; as indeed, are the places by the ocean; as indeed is that which you term Uluru. That one carries the greatest Light on this continent; and from it are Rays of Awareness that stream outward, to the mountain peaks of this great country. That energy that comes forth from the centre of this country, it has indeed, great Love woven into it now – it did not before the journey of the 2012 releasing of what had covered the Truth of that place of Being.*

Always where there is Light, there will come that which seeks to use it, for its own purpose. It is not that it is bad; it is part of the flowing of Life, in a 3rd dimensional process. You yourselves are now, ones who may access the gifts that have been held in Trust for this time.

“How do you do this”, you ask, in your own awareness: “where would I go this day to bring my Love to this great land”, that it reactivate and awaken fully to its purpose: that being a place of Sanctuary and Refuge, for other lands that will not be available for Human population, once Mother Earth shifts her body a little bit.

You say to me, “Mufa, this is not good news.” I say, listen to the Love that is Mother Earth’s Heartbeat: she is wise beyond measure. She Loves, as a Mother would, all of her peoples; all of Life. And yet as a Mother, sometimes there is a need for creating differently. This is one of those times. They do not come by so very often; and there is much warning given to all concerned, as to what will transpire. There are those who would impose structure upon the lands of Earth: that one can live in this place, but not in that.

These structures must fall away: they ARE falling away. And while you do not yet see it in the common experience of the day to day, there is much going on, that allows for a different process. It has begun. It will not stop: it can no longer be halted, dear Ones. And so, it is not to look upon it as difficult, or in some way troublesome: see it as the Beauty of the immense Wisdom and Love of the Great Mother of this world, who is allowing at long last, for a return to the times when she was in her element; when she was Revered and Honoured for the immense limitless bounty provided by the various parts of her Being: her awareness, her intentions always to provide amply, for those who lived within her systems.

For even in your world, when there is that which is so ill-used, it cannot thrive, it is released from the system, is it not; that a new beginning be made: one that allows for all to thrive and prosper therein.

I Mufa, I come to this planet, not as one to say, this must be done in such a way; and that must be set aside: I come to share that which offered to the Lemurian lands, a Path of Light. It is you, who must choose your way with it; for I can but offer it. And it is you, who would Remember, the Trust in Love, that once you held, when you walked on those lands, and lived amongst the great forests.

What is it that is Truly in your Heart, that the Soul within you, longs to experience, to discover, to learn, to share: that is the starting place.

And there are those, who would say, “Aah, Mufa, it is not so easy when you are Human; for there are many expectations, there are things I must do, there are patterns I have learned, that I find difficult to set aside”.

And I would say in answer, bring yourself into the Love of Our Creator Source: what is there, in that place of Love? There is only Love there. And in this place of only Love, what is it that you long for?

That is for you, each of you, to answer for yourselves; no other, can define it for you. For even as I, may share with you, a portion of your experience, that may illuminate a path to follow, where it does not ignite that flame of Joy and (Heartfelt) Acceptance, it is not for you to walk that path in the form that it was given. It may be, there is a different slant to it, a different focus.

There is a journey ahead of you: it comes with so much Love woven into it. How are you to prepare for such a journey; and yes, you may prepare in the physical world in various ways: the bringing forth of sufficient food and water for scarcity, and so forth – there are those things, that can be done. Will they be sufficient in themselves? No, they will not.

You have before you, the greatest gift, of any incarnate process, imaginable. You have before you, the very – the very experience of Existence within Creator Itself – as though you would be touched by the Hand of God: as though you would be within, that vast Being of Light, of Love.

In that place of Light, it is not about the Human concerns; it is about the Soul – the Higher Self: that which you ARE, as this Knowing of Self now, woven with the Higher Self. You are no longer only Human: you are a combined, Unified Focus, that is, in itself, a Force of Great Love.

There are those who would turn from it with fear. They will find themselves under the proverbial microscope – why? There is no microscope. Yet it will seem to them, as though they are facing their Judgement. Do not hold to that process – hold to, the Love: the most Joyous, the most Loving place of Being; of all experience.

And when it comes to you, how can you prepare? You can prepare by already choosing to Honour, the Beauty of Love within you, that longs, for whatever it longs for; for that then defines the outcome of that process. You will have no fear, for you will already understand, that it is Love, that is the very Heart of this opportunity – this grand potential: that you transcend all fear of Human experience, bar just a very small amount. For to govern safety in the Human population, perhaps there is value in a small amount of fear. Yet as each awakens into the Love of Source, of Our Creator – where is fear? It does not exist.

This is my Prayer for you. It is my fervent intent and desire, to have you, and all who will come to sit with us, understand, that you are moving into a world that does not exist in your eyes; yet, Truly, it is as real as this one.

And when you are at that marker place of choosing, which world you want to be in, let there be no fear, no hesitation: only Love to Guide the process.

You have chosen yourselves to participate; you chose it again on Mt Haleakala; for there, was a moment, when you, each of you, in direct and conscious connection, even were it for the fleetingest of instants, were in the embrace of your Higher Self; and in that combined moment, you chose a path of service. Let yourselves begin now, to discover the form of the service, that is Truly, your Heart’s longing, to perform. For when you live in that place, all aligns to aid you in the bringing forth of that process. There is so much that is aligned to amplify every moment of greatest Truth, of great Love, of fervent and sincere desire, the Passion, to live in the Heart, and to Create from that place of Being. And wherever it is discovered, for it vibrates at a certain frequency that is unmistakable to those beyond the veils, it is nurtured, it is Honoured, it is amplified; and All That You Are, Celebrates, that you have found such a journey for yourself.

I wish to say this: it is of such great importance, that you not turn aside from the Light in these times. It is your greatest Gift, that you yourselves, Honour the Light within you, and your connection, to ALL That IS. It is what you have prepared for, life after lifetime; and now you stand, at the brink of this change – this transforming vibration. For when you have travelled eons, millennia, thousands upon thousands of lives, to prepare you for a particular experience, will you allow the dominant thought forms of the mass reality, to be your path: that is the question, at the very Heart of it all.

Do what you must, to have it be, a place of Love, that is your journey now.

* Referring to the September 2012 Hook Release at Uluru by those representing the Goddess Light.