As an Elven Goddess, I have a great sensitivity to and Love of Mother Earth, and Honouring of the Beauty of All of Creation. The Goddess Weaves ever Celebrate all that is of Love in every form, and of vibrant transformation where there is minimal growth or evolution: most especially, with regard to the planetary system they are participating with in that moment.

I came to Earth at this time of huge transition and transformative frequencies, Knowing, that those of Earth would need to understand how to live in greater Love and in close connection with their Spiritual Essence/Higher Selves, to restore their Inner Wisdom and Immense Love for them to again be of service to Mother Earth and to All.

It is not the first time I have been here…I was very involved on Earth throughout the Lemurian experience, which took place for several thousand years, about 50,000 plus years ago. The Lemurians moved their consciousness from a third dimensional focus, into the 4th, and then on into the 5th dimension; this eventually resulted in a Group Ascension process for the majority of the Lemurian people, as Earth was still to be a 3rd dimensional planet for a while longer, and they had evolved beyond its blueprints for life at that time.

In the earliest time of Lemuria, one who was born of the combined Weaves of Angel and Elven, who was known as Mufa, was elected as The Chancellor of Lemuria or their Spiritual Leader. I participated with him as a part of his energies during this period; and I also had some other lives in the Lemurian era, although few compared to most who incarnated into that Beautiful Realm of experience.

The Chancellor later became she who was Mary Magdalene; and I have enjoyed a close affinity with her Light, working with her as my Guide Focus for a while. I took on her name to Honour her according to ancient Lemurian Goddess custom, which is symbolised by the doubling and capitalising of a consonant in the spelling of the name.

Long before these periods of Earth’s history, the Elven races moved through their own Shifting from the 3rd to the 4th dimension, and then well beyond…they are ancient in lineage, with their home worlds located near a Sun that is between our Milky Way Galaxy and the Great Central Sun. They are higher dimensional Beings, some of whom choose to incarnate to aid and facilitate Shifts in Consciousnes, particularly on planets with difficult histories, such as Earth.

It is my Joy, to blend my Light with that of The Council of Transition, to use our combined focus to share with those who choose to participate with us, to co-create new ways of living on Earth, in Peace, Harmony, in Happiness and in seeking out the highest and best potentials for All.

I trust you will share of yourselves in your emails and to take part in the Events that I occasionally offer in Sydney and in the Blue Mountains in Australia, and potentially other places in time.

Love and Blessings to You in All Weaves of Love, and have a very Special and Wonderful day, wherever you may be located on our Beautiful planet,